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Raccoon Removal Expert Explanation

Raccoons in your Attic

As more houses go up and trees come down, raccoons and their babies rely more on humans for shelter and food. They have adapted quite well to city life. Den sites can include hollow trees, groundhog dens, Chimneys, garages, under and inside sheds, attics, porches and under decks.

Many of our calls for raccoons come in the winter months when the females are pregnant and about to have their young. This is when they look for a safe place to birth their “kitts”. They usually have 5 or 6 babies per litter but can have as many as 8. They breed in the winter and the young are born approx. 2 months later. It takes the young about 6 to 8 weeks before they are mobile.

Not much of a better location then a warm attic for all of this.

More and more raccoons find their way in houses and shed every day. Attics are warm and protected a great habitat to have young. Not only warm and protected but also close to food i.e. Garbage cans, pet food etc. Theses masked bandits can get into holes as small as 4 inches by 2.5 inches and if there is a small whole they can easily tear it bigger. They can be very destructive. They are very persistent and their 5 fingered paws have amazing dexterity, using them to pry things open, turn knobs an handle objects.

They can do much damage to an attic, destroying insulation by padding it down, tearing it up and of course defecating on it, all lowering the insulation value. They will block vents, that can cause circulation/mold issues, chew on wires creating a fire hazard. They will designate part of the attic as their “washroom” that can eventually start to seep through the insulation and into/through the drywall ceiling.

Raccoons are nocturnal so they prefer to be active mostly at night. They make a variety of noises from a heavy lumbering, scratching and thumping around in the attic to purrs, whimpers, snarls, growls, chatters, hisses, screams and whines. Raccoons can carry parasites and diseases such as ring worm, tape worm and rabies.

They are omnivores; their diet is made up of things like grubs, insects, small rodents, fleshy fruit, nuts and vegetables. They readily eat from garbage’s and composts.

Effective Raccoon Removal Method

When eliminating raccoons from your structure some things to keep in mind…

Before eliminating raccoons you must first prevent future raccoon’s from entering the structure. Sealing off wholes, pest proofing potential areas they can tear their way into.

Killing or trapping is usually ineffective as often babies are left behind, which causes a whole new set of problems. Also quite often it doesn’t take long for another raccoon to move in and take its place (sometimes only hours later).

Also it is illegal to poison them or relocate them more then 1.1 km’s from their home range.

Note; Mr Pest Control practices Humane Wildlife Control.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule a Wildlife assessment of your home.

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