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How to Attract Insect-Eating Birds

One way to decrease the number of insects in your yard is to attract birds to your home. Many birds feed on insects, which can be a boon if you regularly deal with unwanted guests like mosquitoes or earwigs. Birdseed will attract birds, and there are other methods to...

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Why You Shouldn’t Try to Eliminate Pests Yourself

Many online sources, magazines, and other articles will claim they know how to solve pest problems without the assistance of professionals. However, these efforts often create more problems. The average person doesn’t have expert knowledge, tools, or the skill set to...

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When to Hire a Pest Control Company

When people have pest problems, they sometimes think that “do-it-yourself” (DIY) methods will take care of the issue. This can make the problem worse, however. It’s usually best to contact pest control services. Here’s what to consider when hiring a professional team...

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Tips for Preventing Rat Infestation

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” - Benjamin Franklin Rats in your home can be far more than simply annoying; they damage walls, wiring, and insulation. Avoid costly repairs by preventing rats and mice from entering your home in the first place....

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What You Don’t Know about Pest Control

Getting rid of insects or rodents in a house is a job always best handled by professionals. From small “creepy crawlers” to sizeable animals, home invaders come in different types and sizes. Getting rid of them takes different, specialized approaches. Sometimes,...

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Why Pests Are Attracted to Homes

Various insects and rodents find their way into our homes for many reasons. Food that is left lying around is a common cause; critters like an easy food source. Other than food, pests also seek water and shelter. These basic needs are often met by a house. Knowing...

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Prevent Holiday Pest Invasions

During the joyous season we might be busy preparing meals, decorating, sending cards, socializing -- and handling unexpected guests. Unfortunately, this holiday those guests may not be of the human variety. When the weather gets cold, rats, ants, cockroaches, and...

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Keep Winter Rats out of Your Home

Most types of rats prefer to stay in the outdoors. Unfortunately, during the cold winter holidays, a comfortable and warm home appeals to these little creatures. Though rats are relatively large, even a hole the size of a small coin can be infiltrated by some of them....

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First Aid Treatment for Wasp Stings

Wasps, like bees, have stingers. Being stung by a wasp can be an unpleasant experience. A wasp sting transmits a venom that can be both itchy and painful. Though bees are only able to sting once, wasps can sting their victims multiple times. Their stingers remain...

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Dealing With Ants in the Winter

Most animals hibernate during the winter. They find themselves in a den -- a nice, cozy, place to sleep and store food during cold temperatures. Ants are cold blooded, so, in general, they hibernate too. Unfortunately, their “hibernation dens” are usually human homes....

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Can You Destroy a Wasp Nest by Killing the Queen?

Is killing the queen wasp a guaranteed way to get rid of an entire wasp colony? This is not always the case. Here’s some crucial information to consider before attempting something disastrous like doing your own wasp nest removal or extermination : Identify the queen...

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Why Pest Control Isn’t a DIY Job

It is very tempting not to call a pest control company when you suspect an insect or wildlife invasion. There are numerous sprays, traps, and “DIY” options on the market. Unfortunately, they don’t usually solve the problem. You might think pest control is a...

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