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Pest of the Month: Carpenter Ants

April 2015

This time of year you wouldn’t think that Carpenter Ants or any othernants like pavement ants would be pests in your home. But each year at this time most of our callsarrie, Orillia, Midland. Penetang, Alliston, Wasaga Beach and surrounding areas are focused towards controlling carpenter ants. Normally quietly nesting/hibernating in walls of houses they are continually being awoken by warm sunny days heating up the walls they are hiding in. This prematurely forces them out to forage for food in order to sustain their colonies. And often has them send out dozens and dozens of winged reproductives that will spread and create new colonies.
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Normally we wouldn’t have to worry about them till spring but those warmer sunny days fool them. Damage from Carpenter Ants in houses and cottages can very from damaged insulation to badly damaged beams. So if carpenter ants are discovered inside of your home or cottage, particularly in the winter then don’t waste any time and please consult a professional like Mr. Peat Control about exterminating carpenter ants.

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There are a number of species of Carpenter Ants. On average the adults are mostly black and range from 1/8 to 1/4 inch in length, but can as big as ½ inch. Carpenter Ants have a single node (connecting bump) between the body and abdomen. They are the largest ants found in Ontario. Swarmers or winged reproductives do not appear until a colony is nearly 5 years old. A mature colony can have anywhere form a few thousand ants to 20000 ants. They generally have a main colony found in damp wood with a number of Satellite colonies found in wood or insulation that isn’t near as damp or water damaged as the main colony. Often the main colony may not be in the same structure or even on the same property of the satellite colonies. Carpenter ants do not eat wood, they chew it and spit it out, making nests and pathways through it.

Proper ant control consists of inspecting to find the nest or nests, treating throughout the entire house appropriately and complimenting that with an exterior inspection and treatment to deter any new ants from foraging into the house.

From early spring to early summer these ants converge on houses and structures throughout Southern Ontario. The best time to treat for them is whenever you are seeing them. If you are seeing them in the winter that usually means that they are nesting within your house and not foraging in from the outside. Carpenter ants wake up in the springtime and are found in the kitchens and bathrooms looking for water. Once the flowers are blooming outside, the ants will forage outside for honeydew and other insects. Most homeowners think have “gone away” but this is not the case.

If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call and we can discuss these pests further. Or click here to contact us to help you control Carpenter Ants in your house or cottage.

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