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How long do I have to be out after a treatment with an insecticide?

For treatments with a residual spray on the inside of your home for things like ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas etc… Pets and people have to vacate the house for 6 hours to allow the product to properly dry.  After that it is perfectly safe for you and your family to be back in and resume your normal daily activities. People with health issues like respiratory or sensitivities or elderly/infants may choose to be out longer.

For Mice, rats and wildlife you normally don’t have to vacate.

Are the products you use safe?

Here at Mr Pest Control we always strive to use the safest, most efficient methods. All of our products are approved by Health Canada and their Pest Management Regulatory Agency. Our technicians have the best and ongoing training. We are government licensed and insured.

How much is a pest control service?

As there are many different pests and the solutions for them can very greatly. Each job, be it bed bugs to wasps is priced differently based on the information provided via the questions we ask in our initial conversation.

Where do I find a preparation sheet for my upcoming treatment?

On our website, there is a heading called preparation. Click on that and you will find our preparation sheet(s).

Our preparation lists are designed to complement and help our treatment. The better you can follow our preparation, the more successful the results will be.

Do you harm the Raccoons or Squirrels I’m having a problem with?

Not at all! Mr Pest Control takes great strides to solve your problem in the most humane way possible such as placing babies in heated boxes so mom can get them and move to a more suitable place away from your home, all while providing you with a permanent and fast solution.

How fast will the treatment work?

The time for a service to work depends on a few factors. Control is not always instantaneous. It is not uncommon for there to be some activity for a few days to a few weeks after the treatment depending on the type of pest. Rest assured the products we used continue to work after we are gone, and in some cases, work better at different times of the day. Unlike the over the counter products ours have a residual and continue to work for extended periods. For things like wasps, control is usually immediate. For things that require baiting it can take longer.

What happens if it rains?

Rain is always a concern depending on the treatments we are doing. But for most exterior applications as long as our product has had enough time to dry, which doesn’t take long, the products we choose have excellent adhering properties which help prevent it from washing off. Plus, normally our applications are targeted to cracks and crevices. Under eves, soffits and other areas where rain doesn’t normally reach.

Why should I hire a professional instead of trying to do it myself?

There are many do-it-yourself tips and options out there, but often they can come at a cost. Inexperienced applications are usually ineffective, can spread the problem and be unsafe.

Pests are a resilient bunch which are adept at hiding and surviving. Licensed and trained pest professionals are the only ones that should apply pesticides. A tremendous amount of knowledge, training, preparation goes into treating pest problems in a safe and effective manner. Hiring a true specialist guarantees you receive the correct course of treatment that doesn’t jeopardize the building, property, or its tenants.

When it comes to wildlife…Often, when home owners try to get rid of raccoons or squirrels themselves, babies are left behind to die and rot. And some can carry diseases that can be quite dangerous to humans.

How do I prevent bed Bugs from entering my home?

Even the cleanest homes and hotels can have bed bugs. With that said, some are more susceptible then others so being careful where you go or who you visit is a good practice. Being careful when buying used furniture or clothes will help. Inspect the items carefully before leaving the sellers premises. Avoid bringing home furniture from the curb.

When travelling:
These days all hotels/motels experience problems with Bed Bugs at one time or another, some handle it better then others. But for most of us it’s difficult to pick the good ones from the bad.
Here are a few tips we use when travelling to ensure the bed bugs don’t bite.
First, before booking a hotel, peruse the internet for any info/reviews you can find on the perspective places. If bed bugs are mentioned on more than one or 2 recent occasions then maybe look elsewhere.
But most of the precautions happen when arriving at your room.
Before bringing in your things go into the room, turn all the lights on and grab a flashlight, the one on your phone will suffice.
Then check all the cracks crevices around the bed, bed frame, head board and seems, folds in the mattress and box spring. Flip them both over and in some cases, you may need to remove the bedding. You will be looking for bed bugs, bed bug poop and the discarded skins of growing bed bugs. And, if you have a real keen eye and a good light, bed bug eggs. You can also check any furniture like sofas etc.. You will need to flip these over and look all around seams and crevices.
Once your inspection looks safe, you can bring your stuff in. But ideally, keep it as far from the bed and couch/chairs as you can. If you can, a great precaution is to buy a bed bug proof pillow case and keep your stuff inside it.
If you suspect issues and can’t change rooms or motels then keep your things in the car and get them as you need them while sealing your worn clothing in a plastic bag. That will be dumped straight into the laundry machine when you get home.
Set your dryer to medium heat and don’t overstuff the machine. At this heat level all items, even dry clean only can be effectively put through the dryer. This process will kill bed bugs and their eggs. Lastly if you suspect an infested stay prior to going into your home strip off clothing in garage or outside and put stuff directly into laundry and yourself through the shower.
A little bit of time in the beginning of your stay can save you a lot of time, money and itching afterwards.

I hear noises in my attic/ceiling, what could be up there?

If you’re hearing the noises mostly at night and they are light scratches and scurrying in your ceilings, walls or attic then good chance it is mice. They often sound much bigger than they actually are.

If the noises in the attic are mostly through the day, good chance its squirrels.

If the noise is in the attic and sounds like thumping or really heavy scratching and in some cases crying. Problem is likely raccoons.

Does Mr Pest Control Guarantee their work?

In almost all cases our work is fully guaranteed. Depending on the pest and treatment, it can range from 100 days to 10 years.

Occasionally when we are restricted from doing a full inspection/treatment we can’t provide a full guarantee.

I have wasps, should I just plug the hole?

Definitely not! Plugging the hole normally always leads to them finding their way into your living space and becoming an even bigger problem. And then makes it very hard to get rid of them at that point. These holes/wasps need to be properly treated with the right product and the colony destroyed prior to sealing the hole.

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