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Ontario is constantly growing. Every city continues to expand and as they do, we encroach on natural wildlife habitats. The animals have nowhere to go, so we must learn to share the space. That means they’ll see our homes as possible shelter in winter, and our bins as food sources. If you find unwanted critters on your property, Mr. Pest Control can take care of raccoon removal around Barrie.

A Humane Approach

It’s never wise to try to take care of a raccoon problem on your own, and it is illegal to harm the animals. Experts must catch, trap and relocate any cute “trash pandas” that are a nuisance. Because raccoons can be aggressive, it’s important to move them from your pets and/or family. Mr. Pest Control offers raccoon removal to Barrie homeowners, providing peace of mind when you take out your garbage at night!

Preventing Raccoons from Entering Your House

The best option, obviously, is the keep rodents and wildlife from finding ways into your walls and attic. Frankly, if one comes in, they’ll bring their mates and babies, creating more destruction and costly repairs. Take appropriate precautions by having Mr. Pest Control survey your property and find those “nooks and crannies” where pests can enter your house. We’ll show you how to cover them and keep out uninvited guests.

Allow us to share our 18+ years of experience providing raccoon removal to Barrie area customers. We’re accredited to perform this work, and if you have a rodent problem we’ll find where they’re hiding. Please call (705) 739-PEST (7378) today.

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