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We’re entertained, largely, by the North American Grey Squirrel (though their fur is grey, black, or a reddish tinge) in southern Ontario. Squirrels abound in our area and are extremely resilient. By reproducing with two litters a year (in early spring and later in summer), it’s no wonder we see squirrels everywhere. They can have between one to eight babies, and those little ones are adorable. However, as they grow older they can become insidious pests for homeowners. If you need humane squirrel removal in Orillia, call Mr. Pest Control.

Those of us with birdfeeders may think it’s cute when these critters try to climb up our shepherds’ hooks and hang upside down on walls to get to the sunflower seeds. However, once they find their way into your home, the fun is over. Squirrels can infiltrate your attic through vents, fans, the roofline, and water tables. Once there, squirrel teeth (which never stop growing) can gnaw pipe insulation, wiring, joists, lead pipes and rafters, causing expensive damage.

Don’t let bushy-tailed invaders ruin your home. If you know you need squirrel removal in Orillia, let us take them out of the house humanely and seal up entryways to prevent further problems. Don’t guess where they’re hiding; call the professionals at Mr. Pest Control (705) 739-PEST (7378) today.

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