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Raccoons are animals who are considered pests since they are capable of invading attics and creating a home for themselves. If you are not careful they may even multiply as they give birth to more animals. Since it is illegal to poison and relocate them at least 1.1 kilometers from their original location, your only choice is to capture them. But are you up for the challenge? Wildlife control in Alliston areas are provided by one who has been in the industry for decades. Mr. Pest Control has actively been assisting families and businesses to capture and exclude not only wildlife, but even pest problems. Birds, skunks, bees, bed bugs, spiders, you name it, we can remove it.

Carrying with them decades of experience and the latest tools developed to aid them in capturing these wild animals, Mr. Pest Control has developed a reputation in providing pest and wildlife control in Allison. Not only do they specialize in capturing these animals but they can also assist you in identifying how the animals entered and what can keep them out. For most cases, having insect problems can cause these animals to be attracted to your homes. Wasps, skunks and even birds feed on insects. If there are plenty in your house, be it ants, spiders or such, then these animals can “live” in your homes. This is why pest control is also necessary apart from wildlife control. Apart from the presence of food, any holes and gaps in your homes, either made by the natural decaying of the material or through the clawing and destroying of these animals, can allow more to enter. So even if you capture one, if they can still reenter your homes!

Preventive measures done by Mr. Pest Control

This is why we believe that “prevention is better than cure.” Better create a home that’s animal proof instead of constantly calling for our removal services. Our service in pest and Wildlife Control in Alliston offers protection plans in closing any holes, cleaning and extermination of insects to provide a home that is animal proof.
To know more about our service and to read articles and self-help guides in dealing with these animals, visit mrpest.ca. You can also contact us by dialing 1-888-794-PEST(7378). We are open to serve you 24/7. So call us and eliminate the pest now!

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