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Pest-proof Your Home This Winter

Many homeowners feel that they can relax their pest control efforts during winter; but pests are a problem year-round, even if they aren’t an immediate, evident threat. Staying vigilant throughout the cold months will help you assess existing damage, and stave off...

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Friend or Foe: Do I Want Birds on My Property?

A bird’s chirp outside your window can be a wonderful way to wake-up. However, giving your mornings that “melodic” touch does not mask the destruction that birds can bring into your household. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of having birds on your property:...

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Common Pest Phobias and How to Deal with Them

A phobia is characterized as an intense fear that can be either concrete or abstract in nature. If you have a phobia, you may know that your fear could be irrational, but your anxiety surrounding it cannot be controlled. Thinking about the subject of your phobia alone...

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What Attracts Spiders to Your House and Yard

There’s good reason why some people shriek when spotting a spider. Psychologists have discovered a significant link between the fear of spiders (arachnophobia) and the disgust sensitivity in people who have this phobia. Many people go to great lengths to avoid being...

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Animals That Can Damage a House

Soft or furry animals are not necessarily cuddly and friendly. These animals are not just a nuisance, they can also do serious and costly damage to your property. The damages are often so significant that it can cost thousands of dollars in repairs, ultimately hurting...

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How Weather Affects Pest Pattern and Activities

Weather influences pest movement and patterns. As the seasons change, so does the threat of pests invading your home. To prevent infestation, it’s necessary to gain knowledge of each season and its pest patterns so that preventive measures can be taken: Spring -...

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Tips to Keep Ants from Your Home and Garden

Ants can be a nuisance, but once they start building colonies, they may cause damage to your property. They might eat food on your counter or in trash receptacles. In the garden, ants can encourage disease amongst healthy plants. Uncontrolled ant population growth and...

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First Aid Tips for Insect Bites

Spring is associated with blooming flowers and increased daylight. At the same time, unwelcome visitors (insects) may visit your home and garden. Increasing temperatures as summer approaches inspire bugs to come out of their hibernation after a period of winter...

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Six Common Spring Pests and How to Prevent Them

Spring is a time for sunshine, warm weather, and blossoming plants. However, this season is also the time when pests become active once again after a winter break. In some cases, pests can invade your yard and home, creating inconvenience. Avoid these five springtime...

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Hazards of Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are a serious problem, though they may be less visible than other pests (like earwigs, bees, or cockroaches). Bed bugs are not known to spread diseases like mosquitoes can, but there are health risks associated with bed bug infestation. Keep yourself on guard...

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How Birds Can Damage Your Home

Birds may not seem as obvious a pest as raccoons or squirrels, but they can cause harm to you and your home. While some birds are useful to homeowners by eating nearby insects or entertaining you as they splash in a birdbath, an infestation can damage building...

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