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Animals always seek for a good shelter to stay in, one where they are safe, secure and even warm during the cold winter. It’s no wonder that many wildlife choose to sneak into our houses and build their own home in ours – attics, garages, and even basements. Getting rid of this animals is the problem. How do we catch these fast animals?  We might even get hurt! It goes to show you how important wildlife control in Midland is. Luckily, there are professionals dedicated to help us.

Mr. Pest Control has been serving Ontario for nearly 20 years. Through all our years of service, our team has delivered quality results in capturing these animals and assisting households in providing protection to prevent more from coming in. And due to the law which protects these animals from getting killed, all animals we catch are done in a safe manner and they are later released to the wild.

Our services are well known throughout the city. When you require wildlife control in Midland – it isn’t just in capturing these animals. Some may even return as they retrace the scent or even newer animals may come in as they are drawn to the previous scent. So what should we do? We also provide animal proofing services. What our team does is to create an unsuitable environment for these animals to live in. That means removing possible entry points, killing insects so that the source of food of many wildlife will be diminished, and removing possible animal droppings which can attract more animals. With all these techniques, you can bet that animals won’t be able to enter into your house or if ever they do, they won’t want to stay for too long.

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We service many cities in Ontario like Midland, Collingwood, Innisfil, Aliston, Wasaga Beech and other nearby cities. Our office is open for you 24/7 as we know some animals can break in in the night. Rest assured we are there to help you. To know more about our service you can visit our website at mrpest.ca. We offer a lot of tips and articles that you may find helpful in preventing and dealing with wildlife and pest. You can also call us on our toll free number by dialing 1-888-794-PEST(7378).

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