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Prepare for cockroach treatment | Advice from the Experts
Prepare your home for cockroach treatment.  Download and print our prep sheet guide   right arrow
Prepare your home for cockroach treatment. Download and print our prep sheet guide
Steps to a thorough and effective treatment.

To ensure a thorough and effective treatment the preparation/precautions must be followed. If not followed, you will significantly reduce the chances of eliminating the pest problem. Not following/completing the cockroach preparation properly may affect results and guarantee.

Treatment Duration

Upon arrival of service technician, you and your pets will be required to leave for a minimum of 4 hours. If you are pregnant or asthmatic you should be out for min 24 hours.

Prep Your Home

Fish tanks should be covered with a towel and the circulation system disconnected. Windows should preferably be open if possible during the treatment.  Do not leave out any food, pet bowls or pet food.

Floors and Walls

Prior to technician’s arrival, all areas of the house must be cleaned and vacuumed. Remove clutter off floors and away from walls.

Cleaning Routines

If you wish to clean/wash your kitchen or bathroom cupboards please do so prior to our treatment. Using cleaning/chemical agents or pest control products in these areas will cause the treatment to not work.

Wait 30 Days

A bait is used in our control procedure and can easily be contaminated and not taste good to the roaches. Please wait at least 30 days prior to washing or spraying the areas where our treatment has been applied.

Treatment Needs Time

It is not uncommon to still experience bed bug problems for 2 to 3 weeks following treatment. Treatment for cockroaches needs time to work!

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