With a new season comes a swift climate change, and a new selection of pests to contend with. Whether they’re shopping around, or simply looking for a place to warm up for the colder months, what’s ours is definitely not theirs, and Fall calls for a new set of coping methods.

Here a few tips to keep your home pest-free this Fall.

Find out where they’re coming from

This seems pretty obvious – but the first step in dealing with a pest is to figure out their entrances to your home. Look for the more neglected parts of your home – do you have cracks in your skirting boards or window ledges? If so, mark them out with tape so you can return to them later.

Fill the gaps

Once you’ve found their way in, it’s time to seal them up. Different surfaces call for different methods – here’s a quick list of easy gap-filling pest management techniques:

Doors, windows, window sashes:
Seal with adhesive-backed weatherstripping after cleaning and drying the surface.

Trim and siding:
Seal with acrylic latex.

Soffit gaps:
Expanding foam will do the job.

Other gaps:

Copper mesh will do the job, and can be removed at a later date if you want to attempt a more permanent solution later on – this can also be used in conjunction with expanding foam.


Limiting the moisture both inside your home, and just outside it, is a very effective and easy form of simple pest management. Make sure moist soil and mulch is not left near your home’s foundations, and consider investing in a de-humidifier for your home’s interior. This can eliminate the presence of all manner of pests, including mice, spiders and roaches.
Store and dispose of food securely

This includes pet food too: store food in sealable, ideally high-up containers to prevent attracting mice and rodents, and seal off food for disposal – try to eliminate the smell as much as possible, as elimination of food odor is a great deterrent for pests.
If in doubt, bring in the professionals

Research suggests that pest management is most effective when combinations of tactics are applied rigorously and persistently. As a result, even if you maintain a relatively pest-free home by employing these DIY methods, eliminating pest presence is often most easily achieved by consulting pest control professionals in addition.

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