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Knowing the signs of a carpenter ant infestation can mean the difference between ending the spread before total damage occurs, and letting it go long enough where the damage can’t be reversed. Professionals can quickly find and end an infestation, but in order for them to act, you need to be able to spot the signs. There are five things that every home owner should know about these types of ants and the way in which they nest.

Carpenter Ants Damage Every Type of Wood

Carpenter ants damage every type of wood that they come across, regardless of variety or the type of treatment the wood undergoes. The ants are only concerned with nesting and they are capable of moving wood in a way that is faster than most people can fathom, being entirely destructible of the wood that is at their disposal. Professionals that handle pest control in Barrie are well aware of this fact and check all types of wood for this reason.

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Carpenter Ants Have More than One Nest

Not only is there a main nest that the ants will create in order to protect their colony, but when they outgrow a space they will create satellite nests. Satellite nests allow large colonies to expand their reach and space, and provide for the entire colony.

Wet Wood is More Attractive

Wet wood is more attractive to carpenter ants because they can easily chew through the softened timber. Dry wood will do in a pinch, but any parts of the foundation or building that they have located near are attractive to the hive and will be the first to succumb.

5 Things You Need to Know About Carpenter Ant Infestations

Interior Wood is Preferable

For whatever reason, wood that is found in the interior of structures is far more attractive to the colonies and generally where the nests can be found, as well as the destruction most felt. If you see any timber in these areas that is eaten out or has a wormhole appearance, the chance of an infestation elsewhere is high.

Worker Ants Are Visible

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The worker ants are not only concerned with finding the materials for building the nest and bringing back supplies, but they have to find new areas to cover. For this reason, the worker ants will be visible to you and one of the best signs that more are nearby. Pest control in Barrie relies on the sight of worker ants in order to determine where the rest of the nest is located.

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