When it comes to animal control, you just can’t be too careful. In populated areas, raccoons can be especially dangerous, and they certainly do cause a big mess if you let them roam free in your area. Getting rid of raccoons can be difficult, but there are some things you can do to help mitigate the problem. If you think you have raccoon problems in your area, follow these steps.

Contact an animal control expert.

Remember that animal control goes beyond pest control, so it is better to have a company that handles both problems. They will take all aspects of the issue into account. An animal control expert will also analyze your area to let you know which specific areas on the rest of this list you need to worry about. You can also count on an animal control expert to remove the raccoon that’s causing the problem. Just don’t forget to take the additional steps on this list to prevent future raccoon problems.

Clean up your area.

Check all around your home and be sure to clean up any garbage you see floating around, whether it’s food, paper, or even berries that have fallen from nearby bushes or trees. All of these things can attract raccoons, so be sure to keep your home cleaned up on the outside.

Check your garbage cans.

Make sure that your outside garbage cans are in good shape and that they have very tight fitting lids. After all, if the raccoons can get inside your trash cans, then they will stay put because they have a constant source of food. Raccoons love garbage! If you need to buy a device to secure the lid to the can, then do that as well to ensure that raccoons won’t be attracted to your garbage cans.

Extra security.

Whenever you have food, garbage, or water inside your trash cans, you might also consider putting heavy weights on top of the lids as an extra layer of security.

Wash out your trash cans.

It may seem a little strange, but you should wash out your trash cans regularly by spraying them out with your hose a few times per year. This will help cut down on some of the smells that tend to attract raccoons. Dump the water out of the cans so that raccoons won’t have a water supply.

The smell of trash.

If you have trash that could be especially tempting for raccoons, think about double bagging it so that the smell is better masked. If raccoons do not smell your garbage, then they won’t bother it.

Points of entry.

When dealing with raccoons inside your attic or crawl space, make sure that you find their points of entry. An animal control specialist will help you do this. Points of entry include any holes that are three inches across or larger. Make sure you’re working with an animal control specialist first before you seal these areas off because you don’t want to seal them while the raccoon is inside.

Have the animal control expert help you remove the raccoon and seal the area off. Half-inch metal mesh that’s sealed with a foam gun should do the trick very nicely.

Getting Rid of Raccoons Instantly

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