Ants have plagued millions of households for centuries. It seems like there is no easy solution to eradicate this pest. Many are under the allusion that if the ants are not seen, they are not there. These pests have a tenacious attitude toward survival. Since they are able to thrive inside the home as well as outside, it can become challenging to completely get rid of them. There has to be an understanding of the patterns or habits of these intruders in order to provide a solution to eliminate them.

How Ants Live

Ants live in what is classified as a colony. The colony consists of a few queen ants and thousands of workers. The queens are the breading machines and the worker ants bring food back to the colony. Whenever a few ants are spotted, there are thousands more residing inside the home. The foundations of houses or the siding are just two of the favorite places that they may be found. This insect becomes a major problem especially during climatic changes that produce prolonged dry seasons in certain parts of the world. The colonies that are constructed outside the home poses the same threats that the ones inside the home do.

Ants are Connoisseurs of Sweets

The eating habits of ants shed some light into how they should be eliminated. This insect has two stomachs. Along with that, they have a sweet tooth. Ants are drawn to sweet things and water. When food sources are found, they are consumed and stored in one of the stomachs to be transported back to the colony. Once they return to the colony, the food that has been stored is made available to the other ants. This is valuable information to all professional exterminators because it provides valuable information that can be used to eradicate the problematic colonies.

Ineffective Ways of Eliminating Ants

Some people feel that sprays to kill the insects is the best way to go. The problem with sprays is that they only address the ants that are in the line of fire. A few ants may have been killed by the spray, but what about the thousands that still exist? The residue that is left from the spray has the potential to destroy more ants but it is not as effective as using ant traps. Unless the poison reaches the colony, it is ineffective. Ant traps are designed to kill thousands of ants over a prolonged period of time. Once the insect enters the trap, it eats some of the poison and takes it back to the other ants. Once the poison is eaten, more will die.

How to Help Control Ant Population

It is certain things that can be done to help control ants. Since ants are attracted to water, keep all counter areas dry. Wipe all excess water out of sinks and bathtubs. Keeping sugar and all sweet treats in plastic containers will stop the insects from ending up in the bottom of the household sugar bowl. If the food source is limited, then the unwanted residents may have to find some other place to live. There are professionals that will help.
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