Once again I find myself deciding what to blog about and the only thing that comes to mind is Bed Bugs.

These critters are not going away anytime soon. Poor preparation and poor pest control practices are helping these resilient blood suckers get stronger and stronger foot holds in our homes and now into our businesses, public transits, restaurants, hospitals, cottages and anywhere else you can think of.

All is not lost yet; we just have to be aware that Bed Bugs are out there and be schooled in what to look for and how to keep them form hitching a ride with you to your home.

Also, making proper decisions when choosing a pest control operator to help you with your problem is paramount. Although these buggers are prehistoric, it doesn’t mean our methods to treat for them have to be.

There is lots of info out there on the web some of it very good and some very wrong. So be careful and double check your facts.

Know your enemy!!

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