Have you ever felt like that as you cleaned up the mess left behind by the birds? At first, they were a novelty and you even fed them, then they left and came back with all their cousins! Well, at least it seems that way. Birds leave their mess not only on your vehicles, but on your outdoor furniture. Some birds have mites and diseases that can endanger your family.

Birds are more of a social group and that’s why you usually see several birds. Some birds are very vocal and noisy. The bird’s variety will determine how big a mess they will leave behind. They can destroy the beauty of your home more quickly than you realize. You have your car washed and looking great only to be bombed by the group of birds roosting on the ledge. It’s worse than having cat paw prints on your vehicle, and you don’t have a cat. Right?

What can you do about it without harming the birds? There are companies that can help you with this. They have the tools and the experience to handle most any problem you can present. Birds can be enjoyable, but not on your building. Using a reputable company will allow you to have the job done right the first time.

Tools Of The Trade Are Nice To Have

Yes, the right tools can help you get the job done efficiently and effectively. A qualified technician will be able to recommend the right tool for your bird problem. Remember, birds are just doing what birds do, we are getting in their way. Here’s a few things to consider:

  • Propane Scare Cannons that releases a sonic blast will make the birds leave
  • Sounds of a predator that will scare the birds off
  • Electronic devices that prevent roosting or landing on roofs, ledges, patio table and chairs, such as electric tracks will keep birds away
  • Using devices that are visual scare tactics like a motion detection lights will keep birds from landing on your building
  • Install netting to keep the birds out and off your balcony
  • Add bird spikes to keep birds from landing

Don’t Go At It Alone – It’s Worth the Investment

Your home is a safe haven for you and your family. It’s up to you to keep your home as safe and comfortable. The birds are enjoying the beauty of your home too. They don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to put up with their roosting.

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