Friend or Foe Do I Want-Birds on My Property

A bird’s chirp outside your window can be a wonderful way to wake-up. However, giving your mornings that “melodic” touch does not mask the destruction that birds can bring into your household.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of having birds on your property:

Advantages of Having Birds in Your Backyard

Advantages of Having Birds in Your Backyard

Your backyard may be attractive to the birds that fly onto your property. Having birds in your yard can have some benefits, including:

Pest Control
Many birds eat different kinds of insects, including spiders and other bugs that you do not want in your yard. As the population of insects will naturally deplete, there would be no need of chemical insecticides to remove them.

Weed Control
Sparrows, towhees, and some other species of birds consume a large quantity of weed seeds. This means that birds can help control the population of unwanted plantlife.

Flower Pollination
Hummingbirds, orioles, and other birds that sip nectar help pollinate your garden flowers. This can make your flower beds more attractive, which will attract more birds and helpful insects (e.g. bees).

Stress Relief
Bird watching, listening to them chirp, and taking the time to enjoy the outdoors can help relieve stress and promote wellbeing. Going outside into the sun also offers a dose of vitamin D, while fresh air can help detoxify the body.

Disadvantages of Attracting Birds in Your Backyard

Disadvantages of Attracting Birds

While birds do contribute to the attractiveness of your garden, they can also be problematic. Some issues you may encounter with having birds on your property include:

They Attract Rats and Squirrels
Birds are not tidy creatures. When you try to lure them onto your property with feeders, they usually make a mess with the seeds. This becomes an invitation for rats and squirrels to feed on the remnants.

The Birds Become Prey
Birds may land on the ground to pick up fallen seeds. When this happens, they become easy prey for cats and other predators. With many species of birds already threatened by habitat loss, this may increase the risk of further losses.

Susceptible to More Diseases
Birds can be hosts to a number of parasites and are carriers of diseases, including salmonella, avian malaria, and West Nile virus. Exposure to infected birds can put your entire household at risk.

Disadvantages of Attracting Birds in Your Backyard

If you have pests on your property, chasing them away by yourself is never effective. This exposes to you to potential disease through their bites and scratches. Choose a reputable pest control company to safely remove unwanted creatures from your home.

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