One of the indications that spring is upon us is the improving weather condition. Some people love this season because of the warmer weather — but they’re not the only ones who enjoy the comfort of the thaw. Pests are rejoicing, too. As the season changes, so do their activities and your pests control needs.
As a homeowner, you can be proactive in fighting off unwanted pests in your home. To effectively do that, the first and most crucial step is to familiarize the most common spring pests in Canada.

Spring Pests

Here, we list down some pests example:


Ants are very common pests in many homes
A popular children’s story goes about how the hardworking ant forages for food during the warm days and stays in its colony when it gets cold. This is not just a children’s story as ants do take advantage of the rising temperatures to search for places to find food which is why they sometimes end up in residential spaces.
Most ant species at home are not carriers of diseases but there are few like pharaoh ants that may be carriers of bacteria and disease. This insect can destroy plants in the lawns and gardens or the wood, electrical cables, and insulation at home.


On cold days, beetles choose to hide between home crevices. When it starts to feel warm, they also get out of their hiding spots and start wandering around. You are likely to find them in showers and sinks because of the water.

In Canada, beetles are common. Most beetle species, like ladybugs, are beneficial and feed on other crop-destroying insects. However, some species are more destructive and invasive.


Bats are among the animal species that hibernate during winter, often finding warm spaces for shelter. Once the coldness of winter wanes, they begin to be more active and forage for food and water. A favourite spot of bats aside from their natural habitats are attics, which are dark and warm. They do not pose a direct threat but they are potential carriers of over 60 viruses that are transmittable to humans and can be fatal.

Unlike other species, the only way to manage bats is to relocate them. After relocation, you can start bat-proofing your house by sealing any entry point. Ask professionals for safe pest removal.

Bed Bugs

Bed bug bites cause various symptoms including itching and allergic reactions. These pests are very small and easily slip into mattress seams, bed frames, headboards, and furniture. They feed on people and animal blood and can live without food for a year and a half.
Removing them from the house can be challenging since it will require thorough cleaning of the infected room as well as adjacent rooms since they can multiply quickly and cause large-scale infestations. Bed bugs are best handled by professionals.


Cockroaches are disease-carrying pests
The top requirement for cockroaches to thrive is a warm and humid place which explains why they grow in population during springtime. They are often seen in dark corners of the house like that of sinks, showers, and room corners.

Cockroaches are very dangerous to people because they are carriers of bacteria that can pose health threats to humans. Salmonella and E. coli are among the common bacteria they carry around and when these surfaces are touched by humans, they can get infected by diseases. Getting rid of cockroaches can be difficult, but not impossible.


Flies thrive in most places but thrive most noticeably where there is garbage, rot, waste, and dead plants and animals. Flies, like cockroaches, are carriers of bacteria that could cause sickness. They can easily thrive in most environments and multiply rapidly.

The easiest way to get rid of them is by keeping a clean environment, taking the trash out regularly, cleaning garbage bins and other spaces, and disposing wastes properly.


Meat and vegetables are often feasted on by opossums. These creatures adapt to different seasons which explains why they survive unpredictable weather conditions experienced in Canada. These critters love staying in an area where there are food and shelter and it can get challenging to get rid of them.


Raccoons are notorious pests during the spring season and tend to rummage through garbage. Unlike other pests, they are smart enough to find ways to escape from their predators and can hold on to memories for as long as three years.


Rodents, like mosquitoes and flies, are carriers of diseases, epidemics, and other deadly infections. They love living in garbage bins and in filthy water. Because of the serious diseases and infections that they carry around, getting rid of them should be on top of the priorities of homeowners.


Unlike other insects and animals on this list, termites do not pose serious threats to health. However, they can threaten structures with their presence since they gnaw on wood and roots. Homes and properties with wood are most susceptible to their presence.

Ways to Keep Pests Away

A pest infestation issue requires fast solutions. Identifying the types of pests in the house. If your home is infested with pests, here are some do-it-yourself solutions you can try:
Even the simplest kitchen ingredients can keep pests at bay
Kitchen Remedies 
The kitchen is full of herbs, spices, and other ingredients that can double as pest control. Ants, for example, are controlled by finding and sealing entry points with petroleum jelly, sprinkling chilli pepper, garlic, or pure cinnamon. Pepper flakes, onions, and garlic are also a few of the things used by homemakers to control the rodent populations around the house.

Pesticides and Other Substances
Mothballs, ammonia, peppermint oil, and other substances available in the grocery can be used for controlling rats and other pests. Mosquitoes are also killed by sprays and coils. Users need to follow the instructions and avoid storing these within the reach of children to avoid accidents.
All you need is the right bait
Setting Up Traps
Traps can be made or bought. Sticky mats are available in grocery stores and can be used for trapping flies, mosquitoes, and rodents. For bigger animals, wire traps are set up so it is easier to contain them without risking getting caught.

Cleaning Up
Making homes unwelcoming to pests is a crucial step in keeping them away. Most of these animals love living in dirty corners and thrive in these dirty environments. A clean house will naturally drive them away.


Calling Professional Pest Control

Professional pest control is an effective means to get rid of critters

People think that if the infestation is already beyond what do-it-yourself solutions could resolve, the next best step is to call professional pest control services. This is wrong. These professionals recommend a regular check of properties to control pests before they can cause bigger problems.

Professional pest control can help homeowners identify the pests that could be lurking on the premises even before they wreak havoc. They can also identify the best pests killer or removal methods for your specific problem. Most importantly, they come with the right chemicals, techniques, and gear which makes their methods more effective and safe for you, your pets, and your property.

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