It’s bad enough dealing with pests in the home – they’re a nuisance, potentially expensive to deal with, and can create an unsafe household, especially for those with children, or elderly family members frequenting the home.

These issues are exacerbated tenfold in a commercial environment, meaning that pest control must be approached with the utmost respect and care in any workplace, as the potential results can be so much worse. Not only can pests in any workplace create infestations and discomfort, but they are all the more likely to create serious health and safety risks, which, in a worst case scenario, may necessitate the shutdown of a business.

Commercial pest control begins with the old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’, so it should start with pest prevention. When it comes to a professional setting, there’s no two ways about it – you cannot afford to take any risks, so be sure to enlist the services of a professional pest control expert.

Commercial pest control and prevention generally revolves around three stages.
Exclusion of Pests

Exclusion is exactly what it sounds like – eliminating all variables that could tempt an infestation. The nuances of exclusion will vary from setting to setting, but it often involves seeking out potential entry points, and sealing them, implementing a strict cleaning regime to ensure that all areas are kept clean and being mindful of damp, or garbage, which could function as involuntary pest bait.

Restriction Measures

Restriction is less of a preventative measure and more of a finishing touch after the exclusion phase has been completed. As with exclusion, individual measures will vary according to the nature of the potential infestation, and the environment, but it typically revolves around laying traps, using poison samples and other more aggressive deterrent methods.

Destruction of Existing Infestation

Somewhat self-explanatorily, the destruction stage requires the killing and disposal of any existing pests. If you already have an infestation, it is essential that this step is performing thoroughly, and safely, and that the company knows exactly what your problem is. If not, inappropriate, or ineffective pesticides may be used and barely touch the problem. A good commercial pest control and pest prevention company will offer follow-up advice, and future preventative measures for you to take in your own time.

The best way to ensure a commercial pest problem is dealt with effectively is to outsource your control methods to the experts. Pest problems can escalate quickly if left to amateurs, or left for later attention.

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