Rats and mice have been recognized as the cause of numerous diseases that can be very serious and fatal. These diseasea may be transmitted by these pests either through direct contact or indirectly through fleas or ticks that have been in contact with or eaten infected rodents. Once these rodents gain entry into the homes, family members may be at risk of getting these diseases.

Getting rid of these rodents can be very difficult so the best move for homeowners is to prevent or control the spread of these pests. Here are some suggestions on how to achieve this.

Prevent the Entry of Rodents by Sealing Holes

Rats and mice can easily gain entry to the homes through the holes that can be found in many places in the house. Especially mice, they can gain access through very small holes. Regular inspection should be made to locate old holes or new ones that these pests have started. Once they are located, these should be sealed up or if necessary, have it repaired.

When looking for holes, this should be not limited to the more visible or obvious places. Places that may seem isolated and hidden should be checked since these are the favorite places rodents want to make holes. These should include locations that are behind the cabinets, refrigerators, stoves, furniture, and other items. And of course, do not forget to the check outside the home, including the garage and storerooms.

Reduce the Number of Rodents by Trapping Them

If rodents have already gained entry to your homes, this should be controlled otherwise their population would increase at a tremendous rate. One way of controlling this aside from using chemicals, is to use traps. This is a very effective way of getting rid of rodents without risking the health of the children and other family members.

Installing these traps can be fairly easy and they are available in many sources. While there may be variations in the designs, these all work in the same way. These traps should be placed in the basement, attics, kitchen, and other places where rats and mice seem to be frequent.

Discourage Rodents by Cleaning Up

Perhaps one of the best ways to discourage rodents is simply by observing proper hygiene by cleaning up and making sure that foods are well-sealed and placed in a safe place. Food should be put in thick plastic or metal containers. Dishes and cooking utensils should be washed immediately and any spills on the floor or table be wiped as soon as possible. Places where rats and mice mostly found should be cleaned. Of course, garbage should be disposed immediately or if not possible, should be sealed tightly and placed away from rats and mice.

Seek Assistance from Experts

If the problem may seem serious that these measures may not be enough to handle these rodents, it may be time to seek the help of the professionals. These experts have been in this field for a while and are very capable in managing this problem.

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