Insecticides or also known as pesticides are very effective in exterminating pests in our home or even in any type of surroundings we are exposed. Pests like mosquitoes, bugs, or termites are easily eradicated by just a spray of your trusted brand of insecticides. But have you ever asked yourself how these pests get killed by just a spray? Have you tried reading the content of the insecticide?

Insecticides are basically made of chemicals that are intended to kills pests. The strong scent of this insecticide can kill insects in just seconds. But because these pests are killed, there is also a big impact in the health of the person exposed to the smell of insecticide especially in a closed door. Once you inhale the smell, you are also allowing your body to absorb the chemicals coming from the insecticide which is composed of harmful substances that will have a negative effect in your body system when inhaled for too long. If you happen to be in a room where insecticide is sprayed, you will feel nauseous and at the same time you can’t breathe properly because of the smell. Although there are scented insecticides nowadays that are doesn’t hurt your nose, you can’t still erase the fact that chemicals are still blended to the spray making it an unhealthy spray.

Spraying pests using insecticides is the best remedy to eliminate these pests but at the same, it can cause a harmful effect in the body especially when there is longer exposure and worse, in a closed door location.

So if you think you can’t handle the smell, you can always wear a mask but the very best thing to do is just to hire a professional insecticide pest control to avoid risking your health

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