Most animals hibernate during the winter. They find themselves in a den — a nice, cozy, place to sleep and store food during cold temperatures. Ants are cold blooded, so, in general, they hibernate too. Unfortunately, their “hibernation dens” are usually human homes.

If there is an ant infestation in your home, the holidays can get troublesome, especially if you have guests. Read on to handle an ant home invasion:


The reason why ants typically stay in houses/commercial buildings are because:

  • They need a warm place to stay
  • Food

Ants are scavengers; if you leave a container of cookies or cereal open, ants will find it. Keep your food safe in a place where insects cannot access it. Make it a habit to check all containers are properly sealed and impermeable.


Tables, countertops, and floors often have tiny bits of crumbs. Regularly cleaning these surfaces will prevent ants from finding food to bring back to their colony.


Ants have a “hive mind” or “collective consciousness.” If you find two or three ants, it is likely there are more nearby. If possible, try to follow those ants to discover where they congregate. Once that’s accomplished, a pest control company will rid your place of ants just in time for the holidays.

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