Treat any and all pets that you have

If your pet has fur it needs topical treatment for flea infestations, usually on a monthly basis. If you don’t have this product in your home, go to the store and purchase it. Vets and local pet stores also carry flea treatments. Follow the instructions on the bottle and give the full dose. Topical flea treatment is a liquid formula applied directly to the pet’s skin. Make sure to place it between the shoulder blades where pets cannot lick it off.

In addition to using flea control products, it’s important to bathe your pets. Soapy water will not only help to wash off any loose fleas; it will help to drown them as well.

Vacuum your home top to bottom

Vacuum every room on every floor. If you have a vacuum that can reach under surfaces this is even better. If you know you have fleas, do this every day for at least a week. This job can be overwhelming, so feel free to take turns with a family member. You can even apply a powder that helps make the vacuum more effective at sucking up fleas!
You can also make your efforts more effective by combining the vacuuming with “flea bombs.” This is another product available for sale at many stores. The vacuum doesn’t kill all fleas because only certain flea life cycle stages are sucked up by the vacuum. Flea bombs encourage fleas to enter the “vacuumable” stage of life, allowing the tool to suck them up.

Flea Traps!

Fleas don’t just hide on pets; they can cower in the dark cracks of furniture and walls, pillows, bed linens, and other “soft” surfaces such as carpets. Put out saucers of water mixed with soap (or other detergent), which breaks the surface tension of the water. Once fleas get in, they can’t get out. If you light the surface up with a night light, it will attract fleas to the light during dark nighttime hours, making your traps more effective.

Call the Professionals!

If your flea problem doesn’t go away, call professional pest control services to prescribe the best treatment for a flea infestation. Mr. Pest Control would be happy to offer our pest control services. Call us today at: 1-888-794-PEST FREE(7378).

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