Bed bugs can be eliminated in many ways. To eradicate them altogether, a combination of many methods is usually applied. It is possible to eliminate an infestation of these blood-sucking creatures through some basic methods which you can do all by yourself.

A thorough cleaning of the house and the use of insecticide should be done to achieve the best results and complete eradication. Here are some ways to eliminate those pesky bed bugs that homeowners can do by themselves:

1. Bed bugs usually come out at night to sip the blood of the host so, take out the possibility of the bed bugs’ movement from any spots they are hiding to the host during the night time. Separate your bed from any adjoining walls or furnitures. You can apply mineral oil or even Vaseline to the legs of the bed. Coating should be two inches thick. Place a barrier enclosing the floor of the bed posts. Chalk or silica aero-gel can make a very good barrier for these irksome pests.

2. Remove bed bugs and their eggs physically. It is not true that these pests can’t be seen by the naked eye. The reason why we do not see them often is because they hide in dark openings and they only come out during the night. Scrape and brush their hideouts and before they could move into some other hideout, perform vacuuming at once. It is also important to dispose the trash inside the vacuum bag carefully. Fill up and caulk their hideouts and any openings so bed bugs can’t dwell on them.

3. Put a sticky tape on bed posts to trap bed bugs. You may also utilize double sided carpet tape.Through this, you can also determine the extent of the infestation.

4. Place infested clothings or furniture under the sun or in very cold temperature for a couple of days. Bed bugs can’t survive extreme temperatures for a long period of time. This can also help kill their eggs. Make a careful assessment of the treated garment or furniture before using it again.

5. Spray insecticides. There are a lot of commercial insecticides available in the market today. They can be sprayed on the pests and their hideouts, too. However, it is always best to seek professional advice in applying insecticides. Call us at 1-888-794-PEST (7378)!

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