Raccoon removal is one the most commonly sought after pest control services. Increasing urbanization has led to these animals seeking for warm shelters which they now find more in human habitats instead of the outdoors. They can infest residential as well commercial areas making it difficult to live and work unless they are trapped and removed in time. Unchecked, they can easily overrun a dwelling making it inhabitable and hostile for humans. Expert pest control teams can track and trap these animals through their unique live trapping methods.

Common areas infested by raccoons are attics, chimneys, garbage cans, porches and wall spaces where they can crawl into. They will dig holes by the side of the house, decks, garden sheds and generally create nuisance for pets in the house alarming them to a dizzy whenever spotted.

They are prone to stealing foods set out for pets and bird causing further harm to your pets. It is dangerous and difficult to trap them unless you have a raccoon removal expert with you. Raccoons are extremely intelligent and very good at evading tactics. They have adapted very well to the human environment which means you cannot simply shoo them away into the wild.

Common areas where they look for food are garbage cans which they tip over constantly and dumpsters which suffer from their raid and rampage every day. Naturally, this makes them highly susceptible to all kinds of germs and diseases. Sick or not, raccoons are carriers of deadline parasites and diseases like tape worms, ring worms and rabies.

They will not only cause havoc in the yard and garden but can also get through screened porches and steal pet food easily. They have a tendency to poop in the pool making it dangerous for human usage. If you suspect raccoon presence call for raccoon removal experts immediately before you kids and pets are seriously affected.

Apart from the disease and infection risks, raccoons can create other major problems around the house. They have a tendency to chew on electrical wires which can create wire shortages and increase fire risks. To access the attic, which is their favorite place in the human habitat, they tear a hole in the ceiling or roof compromising in your home’s security, both from intruders and the elements.

They will not only make a lot of mess, they will also make a lot of noise. It will be difficult to sleep at night or work due to the racket they will make. Moreover, to make themselves comfortable they will promptly tear insulation paper off the pipes and walls and rip ducts open to create tiny caves.

Then they will go and die which will add to already swarming germs and create a foul odor which will spread across the house. Raccoon removal procedure therefore includes not just trapping the live animals but searching the property thoroughly for the dead ones lying around.

Cleaning up the mess they create all around as well as fecal matter spread over the areas they inhabited is very important to contain the spreading of germs. Apart from this, it is important to block all possible entry points so that they cannot re-enter and cause distress in future.

Raccoon Removal Services

When you call in raccoon removal experts they will first do a thorough perimeter study to gauge all possible areas affected by these pests. They will then carry out a step by step procedure to eliminate these pests from each hiding place through their special live catching techniques.

Leading pest control companies practice ‘Humane Wildlife Control’ policy which makes them deal kindly even with the most pesky irritants. Once this is done they will remove the carcasses of the dead raccoons as well as excreted matter. They will even clean up the damage caused by these animals and then disinfect the entire property.

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