We all love our pets dearly. The majority of people today own some kind of pet, usually a dog or cat. But sometimes we don’t think of how we may be putting them at risk. We are wary of termites causing damage to our homes, and careful to keep food sealed away and locked up so that rodents and bugs don’t get into it. But many of us forget that we leave a free meal lying on the ground for pests every day, in a little dish by the fridge for our pets.

Dining Area

It is important to consider your pet’s dining area to be just as important as your own when it comes to keeping things clean and tidy. Remember to sweep the area every day if your pet spills food, and make sure their bowl is washed regularly. If you can, try to only put out food in the morning and again in the evening, leaving the bowl empty the majority of the day, but especially at night when rodents like to come out and scavenge more freely. You should also consider using a plastic re-sealable container instead of the paper bags that the food comes in, as this can be easy for rodents to chew through.

Water Dish

Another often overlooked pest magnet can be their water dish. Make sure to give them fresh water once a day, and keep the bowl clean too. Most insects and rodents need water regularly and this is a perfect source of it for them. Make sure to keep the area dry, and wipe down the bottom of the bowl too. Make sure to leave water out at all times unlike their food, as your pet should have access to all the water they need.

Sleeping Area

Another place they make try to make home is your pet’s sleeping area. If they have a bed laid down somewhere, clean under and around it regularly and try to disinfect the bed with a pet-friendly disinfectant. If you use a cleaning service, make sure they are taking care of this and using pet-friendly products only.

Our pets are a part of our families, and should be treated as such. Make sure you aren’t feeding any unwanted guests, as they bring discomfort and sickness to your pets and even to you. If you are having a pest control problem that is too big for you to handle, please consider Mr. Pest Control to help remove the creatures from your home. Call us at Orilla: 705-326-3377 | Barrie: 705-739-7378 today!

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