When dealing with pests such as cockroaches, bugs, bees, rodents and other annoying creatures that invade your home, hiring a professional pest controller is a must. But as typical as we are, we sometimes settle for over-the-counter pesticides to help us eradicate these pests. It is of course a wise thing to do especially when you are only dealing with quite a number of these pests but what if you accidentally exposed yourself pesticides like accidentally spraying it directly to your eyes or worse, when the liquid gets in your drink and you accidentally gulp it? What will be your best move aside from going directly to a medical professional?

Pesticides are dangerous mixture of chemicals because they kill pests. Once you are exposed to it, you should always remember to wear protective gears. But if worse comes to worse, there are first aid techniques that you can apply when you accidentally expose yourself to the pesticide.

If the pesticide is inhaled, you should immediately bring the person to an open space where there is fresh air to breathe. If it accidentally sprayed to your eyes, wash it with running water immediately for about 15 minutes. If you it is prayed to your body, remove everything from your body and wash your body thoroughly. Taking a bath is a very effective way.

If ever you swallowed the pesticide, immediately drink the syrup of Ipecac so that you will vomit what you swallowed. This is very important so that you won’t be able to allow the pesticide to remain inside your body. In the absence of Ipecac, you can use a spoon and enter it in your mouth directly to your throat.

Take note that a complete set of first aid medicines should be found on your home.

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