They’re Annoying And Have A Knack For Getting Under Your Skin And Your Pets

An Introduction To The Pests And Potential Disease Carriers

Any household with pets faces the danger of encountering a flea bite or many. These parasites thrive on inflicting itchy and painful bites on pets and even humans depending on how badly the infestation is. Knowledge is power against these diseased, annoying blood suckers. In a war against them, it is important to know your enemy.

Fleas Are The Enemy Of The Household So Know Your Enemy

Fleas are small parasitic insects. They rarely get much larger than the tip of a pencil, and their color ranges from brown to nearly black. Their preferred method of transporting themselves is jumping from surface to surface, due to having no wings. Some sort of a pesticide treatment is usually the only way to get rid of them. If they are picked off, then squeezing them between fingers will do nothing because evolution has favored these parasites. It will take a pinch between fingernails to kill them, but there are more, many more.

The Symptoms And Facts about Flea Bites On Human Flesh

There are several common symptoms associated with a flea bite. They are very itchy, and pain and burning can even happen around the site of the parasitic bite. Swelling or a rash is a sign the bite is becoming more than just an annoyance. In fact, it can be a possible allergic reaction to the bite, which is why killing the infestation in whole is critical. Also, uncontrollable itching that won’t go away can lead to an infection on its own or from the skin breaking open.

The Other More Serious Problems Related To Flea Bites

In humans, contracting a disease from a flea bite is a small risk, but it can happen so it is important to oust them as soon as possible. The risk of getting sick and being overrun by fleas for pets is significantly hire for pets though, and no one wants to see their pet suffer or get sick. If a pet has a flea infestation then it should be seen by a vet immediately. The more a human or a pet scratches a flea bite, the easier it is to open up the skin and cause secondary infections. Remember, this goes for humans and animals. Do not let an animal suffer and get sick from a flea infestation. Fleas will bite humans, but they prefer to feast on animals until their numbers grow too large.

Solving The Flea Infestation Problem

After taking a flea-ridden pet to the vet, a vet will more than likely give a treatment to the animal, which will ease its suffering, kill all of the fleas on it, give you a booklet on the facts about flea bites and the flea treatment may kill many fleas at home who see their feast return. Often home pesticide treatment is needed, especially in severe cases. Mr. Pest is a recommended and dependable agency for these issues. Mr. Pest can be reached toll-free at 1-888-794-PEST(7378).

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