Are you looking for some ways to get rid of pavement ants? They can be pesky little critters, can’t they? You are in luck. We do have some simple solutions for you. Follow us as we take you to the next section.


Pavement ants really dig the sugar. If you have any grease, sugar, fruits or even other bugs lying around, the ants will be attracted to this. We are not kidding. You might want to eliminate these things from your home. They will even come inside to find what they are looking for. They start from the outside and work their way in.

Have any sweets in your closet? You might think a partially opened package is okay in there. It’s not. It’s best to remove it and put it elsewhere. The ants will find their way into your closet too.


This is one of the better sprays you can use to fight them off. There’s something within the formula that ants find desirable. It gets shared with their friend and even the queen mother. The only bad thing is that this formula works to slowly kill the population. This is what makes it difference from the other sprays and insecticides.

Please use this spray with caution. It could harm you and your family. Determine the entry ways and the routes they take to get food and other supplies. Once you determine this, you can use the Combat to get rid of them. Find the small openings and holes from where they enter. Once you block these areas, there is no place for them to go.


This is another good resource for killing the ants. Check with your local store to find out information about it. Look up the ingredients. Find out what should be in the bait. Use this as a guide to find the proper liquid bait. There are some out there that are not what they say they are. It’s up to you to find the proper liquid bait. If you have any questions you can also call your local wildlife control company. They will have all the necessary information you will need to complete your task.

There’s just one thing to remember with liquid bait. Don’t spray the bait and then use the insecticides to balance it out. This is going to be counter-productive. The last one will just cancel out what the first one is trying to accomplish.

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