Get rid of Fleas Permanently

Nothing is more annoying and disgusting than hugging your puppy and feeling fleas crawling all over their fur, and jumping onto you. When you discover your dog or cat has fleas, it’s not enough to call a groomer, that will just give you and your pet a temporary reprieve. You have to find the root cause of these fleas and eradicate them at their source.

Fleas multiply fast and they lay their eggs everywhere inside your home. These eggs are like ticking time bombs, waiting to hatch, then they’ll find your dog, cat, and even you, to begin feeding and laying even more eggs. To end the flea infestation you need to get rid of these eggs. To do this you can choose to do it yourself or hire a professional.

DIY Flea Remedies

One of the easiest ways to kill adult fleas, is to use dish washing liquid, a candle, a small bowl, and some water to make a flea trap. Fleas are attracted to light, so seeing the candle placed in the small bowl, will make the fleas head towards it. When they jump into the bowl which is filled with soapy water, the fleas will get stuck in the soap and drown.

You can also make an herbal flea spray by combining vinegar, water, lemon juice, and witch hazel. When you see fleas, their larva or their eggs, simply spray them with the mixture and the mixture will kill them quickly. Best of all it’s perfectly safe to use around children and animals.

Commercial Flea Control Solution

The best and fastest way to kill fleas permanently is to hire a professional pest controller to kill not only the fleas inside your home but also their eggs. They have the equipment and knowledge to hunt down where the fleas are hiding, and most importantly spot their eggs and destroy them before they can hatch.

Fleas are a common problem. But you shouldn’t have to live with them, and your pets shouldn’t have to suffer through an infestation. Whether you slowly eradicate them yourself, or hire a pest control company to do it quickly, get rid of fleas once and for all.

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