Even though most of the spiders are not dangerous and can be beneficial at times, that doesn’t mean that we want them in our homes or take over our backyards. In fact, some of these spiders are venomous and can cause health delinquents, even death if we got bitten. In addition, spiders crawling in unexpected areas of our home can scare people away including our visitors and we don’t want them to spot any cobwebs in our home right? So the question is, how are we able to control the spiders without the usage of poisons and other chemicals?

First of all, cleanliness is the key. Be certain that there are no crumbs and other food leftovers left on the tables, counters, and even in your floors. Be sure to regularly wipe and clean these areas. Be sure that pests can gain access into your trash bins. Thus, garbage cans with lids will work very well for this purpose. Explain to everyone in your home the importance of closing the trash cans after throwing something in order to avoid pest infestation.

Now that spiders are not able to eat the food scraps lying on the ground, but pests that the spiders eat will be. If you urge the spider goods to enter and stay in your house, you are also urging the spiders as well. And these other kinds of pests are not desirable in your home either.

There are certain smells that spiders do not like, but humans do and you can utilize these as to your benefit. Lemon and lavender are just two examples. Cleaning sprays, or maybe a dusting spray, with any of these two scents can help in driving the spiders away. You can also make use of lemon oil advantageously, maybe dabbing some of it in your doors or putting a small amount on your broomstick before sweeping.

A spray of lavender essential oil or lemon and vinegar works very well too. Obtain a sprayer and spray in every corner of the room where you have seen a lot of spiders and cobwebs. Also, spraying the outside of the windows and doors is a must in order to discourage the spiders from coming close into your home.

In addition, make sure to seal any cracks or small halls because they can enter through it. They don’t require much space. The main areas that you should always keep an eye with include the windows and the doorways. Be systematic in looking through these entryways.

You can surely control spiders without having to cause harm to the environment. There is no need to opt for chemicals and poisons.

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