Exterminating ants – Warm weather is on its way, which is a welcome change of pace. Unfortunately, with the warm weather comes the potential for annoying little creatures like ants to make their way into your home. The good news is that there are some simple steps you can take to get rid of ants without using dangerous insecticides and chemicals.

The first step in getting ants out of your house is to identify where they are coming in.

Inspect doorways and windows to see how the ants are getting inside. When you find the entry point, try to trace their path back to their nest. When you have found the point of entry, seal it up so they can’t get back in. If the ants still have a way to get in, even using insecticides won’t stop them.

The entry point may be a crack that can be filled with caulk or expanding foam. When the entrance has been sealed, you should scrub both the entry area and the pathway the ants have been traveling with soap and water to remove any lingering pheromones. Getting rid of the pheromones will help to prevent the ants from being attracted to the area and trying to find another way in.

Next, you need to get rid of the ants that are already inside your house.

You can make a solution to get rid of the ants by combining half boric acid and half sugar and mixing it with a bit of water. The sweet smell of the sugar will attract the ants, and the boric acid will kill them. This solution won’t hurt adults, but it can be dangerous to pets or children, so exercise caution.

Place the solution in areas where food may be sitting out, such as near the garbage can. You should also place the solution near points of entry and along the ants’ pathways.

Now it’s time to be patient and let the solution work its magic.

The ants need to ingest the solution and then return to their nest, where they will share the poison with the rest of the ant colony. If you step on the ants when you see them, they will never make it back to their colony, and the other ants won’t be impacted by the poison.

Use insecticide*.

If you are able to identify the location of the ant colony outdoors, go ahead and douse it with an insecticide. While you probably don’t want to use insecticides inside your home, you can apply it to the ant colony outdoors without the risk of contamination indoors.

Once you have managed to rid your home of ants, focus on prevention.

Ants have a powerful ability to detect food inside your home. You can prevent further infestations of ants by keeping all products closed and sealed tightly. Make sure you clean up any stray crumbs from floors and counters, and take your trash outside frequently so that ants aren’t attracted to the food inside.

Sometimes no matter what you do, ant extermination is a problem. Also most homeowners just don’t have the proper equipment to be able to do the job permanently so that you don’t have to deal with ants again.

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