Autumn is a favourite season for many people. The promise of cool, crisp nights, sitting by a crackling fireplace, and sipping hot chocolate makes autumn an enjoyable time before the onset of winter. However, there are certain pests and “home invaders” that appear during the fall months. They are seeking shelter before cold weather arrives. Now is a good time to check your home for the following pests:


Because of the rapidly cooling weather, ants may seek warmth inside your home. If left unattended, they can burrow into the walls or foundation of the structure. To keep ants away from your home, regularly sweep floors and block off small entrances and cracks which can be used as entry points for these tiny pests.


While rats and mice are around any time of the year, when the cold weather arrives they start to make their way indoors to avoid the chill. To dissuade them from making your home into their private snowbird retreat, seal any containers of food they can access, and close/repair cracks or holes they can use as an entrance to your home. (They can squeeze through remarkably small entry points.)


Roaches are naturally drawn towards moisture, which is often available under your home. Roaches can be dangerous because they carry a plethora of diseases and can trigger asthma attacks in children.


Flies also try to extend their lifespan by sneaking into your house when the climate becomes cold. Again, keep your home clean, and block off possible entry points.

“Stink bugs” and Box Elders

Stink bugs and box elders are often found indoors during the fall season. Stink bugs like to make homes inside walls. Although they are not dangerous, they do emit a rather nasty smell. If you find one, it’s best to place it outside rather than crushing it. Box elders also seek warmth from the cold, usually entering through window sills and doorways. Block off cracks and entry points to prevent them from entering your home.

If you see one of these pests in your home, there are likely more. Do regular house cleaning, close potential entryways, and call a pest control professional if you suspect there may be an infestation.

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