The sight of a cockroach would never fail to get a terrifying reaction from any person. And for good reason too. Aside from giving that creepy feeling, cockroaches are known to cause serious diseases that may potentially be life-threatening.

Asthma and Allergic Reactions

Especially for children, asthma can be very devastating and may greatly affect a person’s quality of life. Millions of people suffer from this respiratory disease and it is very annoying to note that this disorder can be triggered by cockroaches. Moreover, these pests do not just cause asthma attacks, but also allergic reactions that can be very severe.

Cockroaches have been known to be carriers of allergens that are found in their saliva and feces. Even the dead bodies of cockroaches when they decompose are sources of allergens. These proteins do not just trigger allergic attacks but may increase the severity of asthma symptoms.

Other Serious Diseases

Aside from setting off asthma and allergic reactions, cockroaches are also carriers of diseases that can be fatal to those infected. No less than 33 types of bacteria have been associated with these pests, including the common E. coli and Salmonella species.

These species have long been known to cause food poisoning and the serious gastroenteritis. Once infected with these bacteria, a person may experience intense abdominal pain, severe stomach cramps, chronic diarrhea that can produce bloody stool, nausea, and vomiting. Patients with severe diarrhea have been known to be hospitalized due to dehydration. In some cases, life-threatening infections may result when these bacteria spreads through the bloodstream.

Protecting the Family from Cockroaches

Indeed, cockroaches can be a menace to a household. They have the ability to multiply rapidly and to easily penetrate homes. To protect the family from these pests, here are some suggestions:

· Keep the house clean by cleaning sinks, counters, tables, and floors. Dishes should be washed immediately. Spills should be wiped as soon as possible.

· Foods should not be left open. Foods should be placed in airtight containers and kept in a safer area.

· Gaps or cracks in the walls, floors, and elsewhere should be repaired. These are the areas where cockroaches may enter a house. Gaps in wall outlets, plumbing, and switch plates should be sealed.

· Seldom used sinks or bathrooms should be cleaned regularly with the water being run periodically.

If despite these measures cockroaches still infest your homes, it may be time to get the help of the experts. They have the knowledge, tools, techniques, and skills in handling these irritating problems.

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