Whether you’re having an intimate gathering with your family or a few close friends, backyard barbecues are more fun when you have people to enjoy them with. Guests are as important as great food and fun and make every gathering memorable. However, there are certain guests that show up uninvited—pests. Insects can ruin your hard-worked barbecue get-together, so we need to get rid of them. 

Ants are particularly attracted to barbecues. If stinging insects have taken up residence in your property, they can be a life-threatening concern for people with allergies. What’s more, certain bugs like mosquitoes can carry various diseases that can jeopardize you and your family. 

If you’re asking, “How can I make my backyard free from bugs and other pests?” Keeping these pests away from ruining your outdoor fun is vital. Here’s what you need to do. 

Pay Attention to the Setup

Your backyard serves as an intimate setting

The manner you set up your backyard barbecue plays a huge role in making it pest-free. Put some distance between the trash bin and the food table where you and your guests will be eating. Try adding marigolds as decorations, and spread a bit of mint and cloves around the serving area. The scents coming from these plants are highly effective in keeping bees and wasps away.

Remove Any Stagnant Water

Water makes an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes. Closely check your backyard before hosting a party, look for any wet patches or stagnant water in old containers of flower pots. Remove old car tires from the area since these are big mosquito havens. If you have tire swings in the garden, punch holes at the bottom to drain the water from rain or other sources. 

In case you live near a pond, drainage canals, or other areas with standing water, try putting around eco-friendly botanical products like Bacillus thuringiensis (Bti). This acts as a larvicide, exterminating mosquitoes before they can grow into adulthood. Alternatively, place some Gambusia in the pond. They are nicknamed “mosquito fish” for a reason.

Chlorinate Your Swimming Pool

Puddles and potholes aren’t the only places for water to stagnate. Pools and hot tubs contain water that remains stagnant for quite some time, so make sure to chlorinate it. To safely use chlorine, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep your pool covered when no one’s using it. For birdbaths, wading pools, or small fountains, change the water at least once a week to get rid of mosquito larvae completely. Prior to refilling the container, don’t forget to clean the surfaces with a brush to eliminate mosquito eggs.

Consider Landscaping

Proper landscape maintenance can minimize any pest activity

Spiders, ants, and other bugs are drawn to untrimmed yards. Unmowed grass, unkempt hedges, and shrubs make ideal nesting grounds. By regularly trimming bushes and trees, mowing your lawn, and sweeping away debris and leaves, your lawn can become an aesthetically pleasing backyard party backdrop, not to mention insect-free. So, it’s essential to consider landscaping prior to a backyard event.

Say No to Scented Products

As much as possible, avoid using scented items since these can attract different types of bugs. They have sharp senses of smell, so it’s easier for them to locate where the scent is coming from. That aside, scented products can also cause allergic reactions since most of them are made synthetically. 

  • Perfumes and colognes – A heap of perfumes and colognes have a strong scent (particularly those sweet-scented ones) that they’ll make you a perfect target for certain insects. If you’re staying outside for long, it’s ideal to stick with mild scented ones. 
  • Sodas and beers – Humans are not the only ones that adore these drinks; but bugs do, too. If you serve these drinks during your barbecue party, make sure you have drink covers. The aroma won’t be able to attract insects.

Set a Schedule for Pest Control

Professional pest control services have the necessary tools to rid your lawn of pests

Weeks or days before your long-awaited backyard barbecue party, contact the nearest pest control company for inspection and consultation. They are experts that can provide a concrete plan to keep your home’s exterior and interior areas safeguarded from pests. Spraying your property with pesticides makes your indoor and outdoor spaces unappealing to bugs. However, store-bought ones can be detrimental to the environment and the health of your family. Trusting licensed technicians will allow you to protect your landscape and your household.

Consider Wearing Appropriate-Coloured Clothing

Most bugs, like bees, use flowers as a food source. To survive, they seek out bright colours, like white, yellow, and orange. However, mosquitoes are an entirely different story. There is a higher chance of attracting mosquitoes if you wear dark clothing since they can see dark colours more easily. The colour you wear should depend on your existing pest problem. If your landscape attracts more bees than mosquitoes, then wear darker clothes. Otherwise, wear lighter ones.

Use Bug Deterrents

DEET helps deter and repel bugs from finding their next meal

Invest in geraniol or citronella candles for added comfort during your backyard gathering. They act as an effective mosquito repellent. Also, it is greatly recommended to keep some DEET bug spray handy for guests. Make sure your trash bins are covered with lids and are conveniently located so that food waste is properly contained. It is an ideal way to reduce the number of critters from getting attracted to food and beverage leftovers.

Place Outdoor Fans

Setting up outdoor fans and turning them on in your backyard help disperse the scent of food. Additionally, since most bugs are lightweight, they are feeble flyers. The fan will make it difficult for them to fly close to you and your guests, keeping them away from your backyard. It’s a simple yet effective solution if you’re wondering how you get rid of flies and other insects outdoors.

Use the Appropriate Lighting

Light up the party with string lights

If you’re expecting your barbecue to last till the evening, make sure you have the right lighting. Insects, like moths, aren’t just attracted to fire alone. Lights that are bright and sharp act as a signal for nocturnal bugs to become active once the sun sets. Your backyard can do with softer lighting. String lights are handy, as well. They can add a bedazzled elegance to the atmosphere and are less likely to attract moths and other nocturnal bugs. Consider having these lighting fixtures installed before your get-together..

Clean As You Go

Food and used utensils left out in the open can attract bugs. Don’t wait until the end of the event to clean the area. While you don’t necessarily have to do the dishes in the middle of the gathering, you should place used utensils and dishware inside the kitchen immediately after use. 

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