Few things creep out a homeowner like seeing a mouse run across the floor. If you see a mouse, it’s important to act quickly; if you see one, there are usually more mice that you haven’t seen. If you find that mice have moved in to your home, follow these steps to get rid of them.
8 Steps to Get Rid of Mice

» First, stock up on mousetraps. If you have seen more than one mouse or suspect that there is a family, buy a bunch of mousetraps.

» Determine the best location for your traps. You don’t want to put the traps in a busy area of the home where children or pets might encounter it. Mice usually look for sheltered areas to hide, so try putting the traps against a wall or in a corner.

» Peanut butter makes great bait. Put a glob on the traps, and set them up in the areas that you have chosen.

» Wait overnight, and check your traps. If you find a mouse, wear gloves to dispose of it. Disinfect any areas where mice were spotted to avoid the spread of disease.

» Prevention is key for avoiding a mouse infestation. Find any access points where mice might be getting in. Fill any cracks, holes, or other openings with expanding foam so that mice can’t make their way into your home.

» Keeping your house as clean as possible – You can also help prevent mice from moving in by keeping your house as clean as possible and keeping food in sealed containers. When mice come in, they are usually looking for food. Make sure that you don’t have any yummy bits out to tempt them. Even food residue left behind on dishes in the sink can attract mice.

» Weeds, bushes, and woodpiles are prime hiding spots for mice. Keep your landscaping trimmed and stack firewood on a raised platform to avoid giving mice a place to live.

» You can also use peppermint oil to drive mice away. Mice hate the smell of peppermint oil, so dab bits of oil around your kitchen to discourage them.

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