As the weather continues to get warmer, children and adults alike are spending more time outdoors. The warmer weather also brings out the insects, too. While you are outdoors, you may discover a hornet nest has been built in your yard.

It’s important to remove a hornet nest so that no one gets stung, but it is equally important to remove the nest safely so that you don’t get stung in the process. While bees only sting once, a single hornet can sting multiple times. Therefore, an extra measure of caution is necessary. Follow these steps to safely remove a hornet nest.

First, gather protective gear.

You should dress in thick clothing and wear gloves and safety glasses or goggles. You will also need insecticide; make sure that it is specifically labeled as being able to kill hornets. In addition, gather long-handled hedge clippers and a sturdy plastic bag.

The safest time to remove a hornet nest is at night.

Wait until the sun has gone down and the temperature has dropped. Hornets usually return to their nest at night and become calmer. If you need a flashlight to see, don’t shine it directly at the hornet nest. Doing so will agitate the hornets and cause them to become more aggressive.

Plastic bag.

If the nest is located in a tree branch, start by placing the plastic bag on the ground below the tree. Now use the hedge trimmers to cut the branch, letting the nest fall into the bag on the ground.

Specific location.

If the nest is built in your gutter, roof, or other part of your home, you may have to knock the nest down. Try to quickly close it up in the bag you are using to avoid being stung.

Removing a hornet nest can be dangerous, so if you are at all uncomfortable trying to remove the nest yourself, it’s best to call a professional. Mr. Pest provides residential, commercial, and industrial pest control services all over the Ontario and Barrie area.

We have more than 18 years of experience in dealing with unwanted visitors, and our hard work and great service earned us a Readers Choice Award. If you have a hornet nest that needs to be removed, call Mr. Pest. We will come out and remove it as quickly as possible so that you can go back to enjoying your yard and relaxing.

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