Chances are that you have heard of the Spanish folk song “La Cucaracha” which talks about a cockroach that was unable to walk because it lost one of its six legs. While this song may be adored by young children, it’s highly unlikely that adults feel the same level of affection for this gross pest. While it may be true that many homeowners are well aware of the health and safety risks that are associated with cockroach infestations, what may not be as commonly known is the fact that they are a very resilient pest that have some every odd survival tactics and behavior.

No head No Problem

One of the interesting characteristic of these pests is that they have an open circulatory system and breathe through tiny holes that are located in each of their body segments. As such, they are not dependent on a mouth or even head to breathe oxygen and can live for up to a week without its head until it dies of thirst.

They Place Their Eggs In A Protective Case

If you thought cockroaches were disgusting before, this fact may make you feel a higher level of disdain. Cockroaches protect their eggs by placing them in a protective case that’s known as the ootheca. German cockroaches in particular, have the ability to encase as much as 35-40 eggs in one ootheca. While their larger, American counterparts can hold as many as 14 per case.

They Gain Their Essential Vitamins And Amino Acids From Bacteria

Everyone knows that cockroaches have a tendency to cause illness and spread diseases. Ironically, while they present a significant health risk to others, they thrive off bacteria that live within their bodies which acts as a source of vitamins and minerals. Historians have documented the fact that since the dawn of man, cockroach have progressed through time, within a symbiotic relationship, with bacteroides that are actually carried within their bodies. These special bacteroides live within cells called mycetocytes, which are passed down from generation to generation. Essentially, the bacteroides are able to live a life of comfort as a result of being embedded within the cockroach’s fatty tissue. In exchange, the bacteroides manufacture the essential vitamins and amino acids that the cockroach needs to survive. As a result of this, cockroaches can choose to consume whatever it finds, without being concerned about its nutritional value.

Some Cockroaches Grow Up To 7 Inches In Length

If you thought the cockroaches within your home were big, be glad that you don’t live in the tropics. That’s because most domestic roaches never grow close to the size of their tropical counterparts. For example, the Australian rhinoceros cockroach weighs in at 33 grams, the giant cave cricket reaches a length of 4 inches at maturity and the Megaloblatta longipennis boasts an incredible wingspan of 7 inches.

They Can Be Traced As Far Back As 350 Million Years Ago

Archaeological evidence suggests that cockroaches have been around since the age of dinosaurs and possible before that as well. Archaeological evidence suggest that the modern cockroach can be traced back to approximately 200 million years ago, while their ancestral counterparts can be traced back as far as 350 million years ago. During that time period, fossil records demonstrate that Paleozoic roaches had an external ovipositor which is an organ that is used to lay eggs.

They Can Survive Being Submerged Under Water

Cockroaches have the ability to hold their breath for up to 40 minutes. In fact, they can survive being submerged under the surface of water for as long as half an hour. Interestingly enough, they also hold their breath for lengthy periods on occasion, so that they can regulate their loss of water.

As mentioned before, cockroaches are highly resilient pests. As such, if you are experiencing an infestation or if you suspect that you may have one, it’s highly recommended that you contact a cockroach killer or cockroach control service.

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