Most types of rats prefer to stay in the outdoors. Unfortunately, during the cold winter holidays, a comfortable and warm home appeals to these little creatures. Though rats are relatively large, even a hole the size of a small coin can be infiltrated by some of them.

Some Canadian provinces have taken steps to reduce rat overpopulation, but they are still present in both urban and rural settings. Read on to learn what attracts rats and how to safely get rid of them this winter.

1. Understanding rats. Rats generally hide from humans. If they get into a house, they will most likely come out from hiding places to search for food when human residents are away or asleep. If you’re planning to set traps, place them in the kitchen pantry or near other food sources. If you have children or pets, avoid this “DIY” solution altogether, because they might be harmed by a trap. Call for professional pest removal.

2. Regularly clean. A messy home is practically an invitation for rats. Clean crumbs and kitchen messes immediately. Sweep floors and double-check easy-to-forget areas like the corners of food closets. Rats are scavengers, so properly close food containers and dry wet areas around the house.

3. Inspect your house. The best way to prevent rat infestation is to keep them from entering in the first place. Look for openings where rats may enter the home and seal them or cover with strong wire mesh/screens.

4. Get help. Rats are highly intelligent and resourceful. It can be difficult to out-maneuver them. Professionals from rodent control services can inspect your house for critters and set up a customized removal/prevention plan.

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