While we all love our furry little friends, wild animals can sometimes present animal control problems in Ontario. Have you experienced any of these issues?

Raccoons, squirrels and bats can sometimes make their way into your attic.

Unfortunately, they might make themselves quite at home. You may end up with not just a mommy raccoon in your attic, but also a litter of baby raccoons. In this case, more is most certainly not merrier. A wild animal in your attic can eat through your walls and insulation and leave some nasty surprises for you to clean up.

Squirrels, swifts and raccoons can also make their way into your chimney.

This is bad news for them and for you. Clearly, a chimney is not a safe place for an animal. Often wild animals get into a chimney, but then they can’t get out. To them, your chimney is just like a big, hollow tree. If an animal does climb into your chimney, do not start a fire. Set a trap at the top of the flue so that you can release them outside. To prevent animals from making a home in your chimney, install a screen over the top.

Animals eating up your garden can be a pesky problem, too.

Deer, rabbits, and woodchucks are the biggest culprits. A garden fence is a good place to start to eliminate this problem, but sometimes it isn’t enough. Small animals may be able to sneak under or through the fence. Deer can often jump right over your fence. If you use a fence to keep deer out of your garden, it should be at least eight feet tall. There are a variety of different sprays that you can apply to your plants that make them smell bad to animals so that the animals don’t want to eat them.

One popular product is called Deer Off, and it contains eggs, garlic, and hot peppers. Other sprays contain blood meal. There are also sprays that container predator scents, like coyote urine, that will ward off other animals. The downfall to these sprays is that they must be reapplied frequently. Rain or watering your garden will wash away the scent. You can also choose plants for your garden that deer don’t like, or surround your vegetables with flowers that are unattractive to deer, like monkshood or hyssop.

The most annoying to home owner is tearing up the trash.

One of the animal control problems that is most annoying to homeowners is animals getting into their garbage cans and tearing up the trash. Raccoons, bears, and crows are usually to blame for this problem. The animals are just looking for a tasty treat, but it can be a big mess for homeowners to clean up. To keep animals out of your trash can, start by choosing a sturdy can that has a locking lid.

A steel can is the best choice, because raccoons will chew through plastic. Keep the lid tightly sealed and locked at all times. You can also spray the inside of the trash can with ammonia or place a rag soaked in ammonia in the can. The scent of ammonia is offensive to raccoons, and will help to deter them from getting into the can.

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