Pest control is not always an “easy fix,” and many people believe myths that they can “do-it-yourself” to tackle a pest problem. If you believe some of the fallacies below, you might want to reevaluate how you view pest control.

Common Myths:

1. All You Need Is a Pet – While your dog or cat may be able to wrangle a mouse or two, they aren’t able to remove an infestation. Your one or two cats are no match for a nest of rats or mice. These rodents reproduce in large numbers over a short time, so once you have a handful of them in your home, your pets are outnumbered two (or two dozen) to one.

2. A Clean House Keeps Pests Away – While having a clean home can discourage pests from taking up residence, there are certain common ones that will infiltrate your home so long as they find a food source. These critters include bed bugs (whose sole motivational factor is to be near blood), and can be accidentally brought home on your clothes from another location. Other pests that don’t care how often you dust and sanitize include termites, carpenter ants, and carpet beetles.

3. Cheese on a Mousetrap Works – Popularized by cartoons and word of mouth, many of us continue to believe that cheese is a mouse’s favorite treat. While a mouse will cheese on occasion, they are much more attracted to a bait that includes high sugar content. Cookies, sugary cereals, peanut butter, and sugar cubes are more likely to entice a mouse to step into your trap.

4. An Ultrasonic Repeller Will Do the Job – Many retailers offer these types of bug “repellers,” but there is no scientific evidence of their effectiveness. Only a professional pest control team can guarantee they’ll get the bugs out and help you keep them away.

5. I Don’t See an Issue, So There Isn’t One – Just because you cannot see something doesn’t mean there isn’t something lurking behind walls, under floors, or elsewhere. Many pests (such as termites and bed bugs) don’t show signs of damage until it’s too late and the repair will likely be expensive. This is why it’s important to get a regular evaluation of your home to prevent something from destroying your walls before it’s too late.

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