Harsh weather greatly curtails the productivity and survival rates of insect and animal pests. During autumn and winter, blistering cold and wind is fueled by arctic blasts and polar vortices that can push the temperatures to sub-zero degrees in parts of North America. However, some pests have strategies to survive during cold weather. Many escape to warmer regions in the south, brave the cold, or hibernate. Fleas and termites often hide in shelters; furry critters such as raccoons and bats will accumulate body fat and hibernate. They use the fat for energy and insulation against the harsh cold weather.

Some insects die during winter, but leave eggs behind to produce the next generation come springtime. During autumn, as cold weather and longer nights affect Canadians, most pests make adjustments by migrating to friendlier areas, including the attics and crawl spaces of warm houses. The American cockroach usually creeps out in search of warmth, food and water, but when the weather changes, they easily infiltrate human residences.

How to Prevent Pests

Some of the strategies you can use to prevent pests from migrating into your home during the autumn and winter include:

  • Sealing the house from outside — Pay attention to the roof flashing, external sheathing, loose window trims and siding seams.
  • Screening all the vents — Cover areas where air escapes, such as the vent leading to your laundry dryer.
  • Evacuating existing pest colonies — Clean the gutters, install yellow sodium vapor lights, remove fallen leaves from porches, and clear mulch surrounding the house.
  • Securing doors and windows — The window can be secured with fine mesh screens. Cracks and crevices on the windows can be guarded with a casing. To secure the door, install door sweeps, thresholds, and weather stripping.

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