Before bed we chant, “Night, night! Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” And we may be being silly and wishing a loved one a good nights sleep, but bed bugs are no laughing matter. Bed bugs are blood sucking parasites and can cause a lot of adverse health effects including itchy eyes, itchy skin rashes, welts and other allergy symptoms.

The cold blustery winters Simcoe County serves up bring sunny vacations for many. But unfortunately, travel is one of the many ways the dreaded bed bug ends up hitching a ride to your home or workspace. In fact, at one time Bed Bugs were nearly eradicated but around 1995 they started to make a serious come back and increased world travel is one of the main reasons. Poor service procedures by bed bug exterminators and resistance to pesticides are some other reasons for the bed bug reign. Bed bugs are sneaky pests and can hide undetected in your luggage, clothes, furniture and even on you!

Although we see a rise in Bed Bugs during “vacation season” they could easily be The Pest Of The Month every month as living inside they don’t know what the season is.

For Bed bugs Barrie, Orillia. Midland, Penetang, Innisfil, Alliston, Collingwood, Wasaga and surrounding areas is becoming home! These blood suckers are only getting worse and an outright epidemic is upon us.

Soon it will be hard to eat out, take a bus or cab without fear of bringing a bed bug home.

Control of Bed Bugs often fails as too often there are short cuts taken during preparation and or treatments so their populations continue to rise in the Barrie and surrounding cities. It is important to use an exterminator that understands these pests and uses an integrated pest management system to deal with them.

How do you find these creepy pests? You can identify them by their reddish brown, oval and flat bodies. Bed bugs will leave their mark; you can find them by looking for blood specks on and around your bed and bedding. They can hide in the folds and seams of your bed linens, the cracks and crevices of your bed frames, head boards, bed side tables in and around your mattresses and box springs and even amongst the curtains found near your bed.

The female lays 1 to 5 eggs per day and 200 to 500 in her lifetime (aprox. 15 months). The adults and their secretions can be easily seen while the eggs are small and whitish needing magnification to be seen properly. The Bed Bug hides during the day preferring wood and paper over other surfaces to live in. Normally they like to hide as close to their food (blood) as possible.

They leave these harborage areas at night to feed on their hosts, which include humans and pets. Bed Bugs feed on their hosts without us knowing. Depending on the allergen of the person bites may show from 1 to 14 days later or for some not at all. The bites can be seen as small bumps to large welts or rashes depending on the person. Overtime one usually develops more and more of an allergy due to the secretion of bed bug saliva in the bites.

The young bed bugs can survive months without a meal while the adults can survive up to a year. They are extremely resilient so proper bed bug control methods must be taken to kill them.

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