Living near a patch of woods or a forest often means having to deal with wildlife. People living near such areas are often used to seeing wild animals getting into their homes or rummaging through garbage.

While these animals may seem harmless, do remember that they are wild, and can carry diseases like rabies and lyme disease. When you have a wildlife problem in your hands, the best thing to do is to call wildlife control services in Orillia to trap the animal and take it somewhere far away where from your home.

When finding a wildlife removal service, you’ll need to make sure that they can take care of your animal problem in a safe and humane way. Remember that these animals don’t really mean to get into your property. They probably just got attracted to the scent of food or something in your area that intrigued them.

Below are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a nuisance animal removal service.


If this is your first time looking for a wildlife removal company, you can never go wrong with getting referrals from trusted sources. Find a company that’s been doing pest extractions and exterminations for some time now. You can go online or ask your friends and family about any companies they can recommend. Read reviews and comments on the services they offer—you want to know if their customers vouch for their methods.

Always ask the company to inspect the situation first

It’s going to be very difficult for a nuisance animal removal service to assess your wildlife problem if they don’t inspect your premises first. Some companies will assure you that they can handle the animal that’s in your area, but when it comes to trapping them, they may have a hard time doing so.

Before anything else, ask the company if they can check the situation first to see if they can handle it. They should be able to determine all the entry and exit points in your home, and find out whether the animal has offspring in your area. They should also be able to identify what it is about your home that’s attracting wild animals in the first place.

Get an Estimate

Don’t just hire a wildlife control company that tells you they’ll just send in the bill after they trap the wild animal or take care of your pest problems. Many companies will over charge you and make you pay a hefty price for what ought to be a small and simple job. This is why it’s important that they come over for an inspection and give you a proper estimate of how much the specific job is going to cost.

Know how the Company is going to Handle the Animal

Animal trapping is a tricky business. Ask for the specific details on how the company is going to resolve the issue and how the wild animal is going to be treated. Is the animal going to be killed? Why? Is its offspring going to be abandoned or orphaned? Is the method used going to resolve the animal issue for good?

You need to know these things so you can have a background on how the animals will be treated as they’re taken out of your property.

Insist that they use Humane Techniques

If a wild animal, like a raccoon, is inside your home, insist that the wildlife control services in Orillia uses a humane extraction technique. As much as possible, you’d want to choose a company that treats animals as humanely as possible. In some cases, extermination or killing these animals is not the right answer. The company should also follow local laws on dealing with animal extraction and relocating animals back to the wild.

Prevention Methods

Find a wildlife control services in Orillia that offers prevention methods to assure that no more wild animals get into your home. They should tell you which areas in the home they need to seal off so you can pest proof the home and avoid another potential wild animal break in. ask if they have a guarantee so you’re assured that no more wild animals can get into your home.

Keep an Eye Out for Unethical Practices

Never agree on anything with an open-ended clause. This lets the company change the original agreement and charge you for a different price for their services. You should also be wary about how they treat the animal before and after they capture it. Some Animal trapping services say that they follow humane processes, but end up hurting and even killing the animal for no apparent reason. If you see any unethical handling, contact your local animal welfare desk and report the company so they can be thoroughly investigated.

License and Registration

Any good and trustworthy nuisance animal removal company would be registered under local authorities and have staff members that are licensed to deal with wild animals. They need to comply with the local regulations and laws on animal extractions and exterminations so you’re assured that you’re getting people that know what they’re doing and that you are paying for quality service.

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