When you buy food, do you ever consider how it got from the farm to the store in perfect condition? When we first think about a pesticide our first thought might be to farmers spraying their fields to protect crops. But there are many more pesticides than just what farmers use on their fields. Pesiticides are the only substances that are released into our environment that kill living things. These pesticides can either be natural or synthetically produced. These include herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and rodenticides. Pesticides are everywhere, not just in fields, but in schools, houses, parks, buildings, etc. These pesticides were created to destroy, prevent, repel, and reduce. There are two categories of pesticides. The first are generally used pesticides and can have little to no harm on the environment if used properly. Some examples of pesticides that are made to be used by the general public would be RAID, a pest control spray (made to kill wasps), or ROUND-UP (made to kill weeds). The second category of pesticides would be restricted use pesticides. These can be harmful to the environment, even if used properly and should not be used by the general public

Even though pesticides were made to protect and make our lives safer, they can still be detrimental to our health. The potential for these pesticides to become harmful to our health is related to the types and concentrations of chemicals in these products. Also, pesticides contain two types of ingredients: “active” and “inert”. Active ingredients are what kill the pest, and inert ingredients make the active ingredients more effective. Inert ingredients are not always tested as thoroughly and these ingredients are not always listed on the label. The effect on a person’s health is also related to the amount consumed, how it entered your body and the length of exposure. Those who work around pesticides on a daily basis have a higher risk of developing problems caused by pesticides verse those who keep pesticides in the house for when necessary. Children are also at a higher risk for problems caused by pesticides due to their small size. If you feel you are sick due to a pesticide because of the exposure be sure to call poison control. Always read instructions before handling pesticides. If you have small children in your house or you personally don’t feel safe working with pesticides be sure to contact your residential pest control company for professional and safe removal of pesticides.

If you feel uncertain about handling a pest control problem yourself, there are many trained and professional companies who will do they work for you. If you do need a residential pest control company, Mr. Pest is here to rid you of those pesky problems. The uses of pest control spray will not be harmful to your health. Having a pest control company such as Mr. Pest ensures your health and safety and allows you to live more comfortably knowing you don’t have to worry about the harmful effects of pesticides on your health. If we can help your pesky problems please call toll free to ensure safe and healthy pest removal: 1-888-794-PEST.

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