Various insects and rodents find their way into our homes for many reasons. Food that is left lying around is a common cause; critters like an easy food source. Other than food, pests also seek water and shelter. These basic needs are often met by a house.

Knowing what makes your residence attractive to these invaders can help you select some preventive methods to keep infestations from worsening (until a professional pest control team arrives to help).

Here are some scenarios that attract pests to a home and what you can do about them:

1. Moisture. Insects are attracted to moisture. Any leaking water or plumbing problems need to be addressed as soon as possible. Otherwise, insects may inhabit your home and cause property damage.

2. Damaged windows. Tiny imperfections in window or door screens may not seen like a big deal, but insects are crafty. Many kinds of critters are small enough to fit through a small opening . When you notice damage to screens — or cracks in/surrounding windows and doors — make the necessary repairs.

3. Garbage. Improper storage of garbage is an invitation to pests. How and where you store garbage is important for pest prevention. Keeping garbage for too long can attract flies, ants, rodents, and other unsavoury visitors. Storing trash in the garage welcomes maggots and raccoons. Keep your garbage in sealed bags inside a proper garbage can, and if your city or municipality offers organic composting, place food waste in the appropriate sealed outdoor bin for pickup.

4. Cracks around home. Cracks (other than those surrounding windows and doors) can be difficult to spot. Bugs and other small pests use these cracks as an entryway. A pest control professional can help you spot these imperfections in your home’s walls, roof, or foundation and suggest ways to seal them.

5. Unkempt yards. A messy yard can be a major contributor to pest population. Rodents and insects like to live in clutter. If you have plants or trees in your yard, ensure that you rake leaves, garbage, and other material that collects. Excessive plant growth in the yard can also provide a breeding ground for rodents, wildlife, ants, and other animals — so make sure to prune and thin out garden areas.

Critters can find many ways to enter a home, making life uncomfortable for the humans who reside there. Prevent pest problems by hiring a pest control professional and getting a routine inspection.

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