This pharaoh is not majestic

The best thing to be said about the pharaoh ant is that it has an impressive name. Unfortunately, they’re not called pharaoh ants because of any innate majesty or regal bearing. Instead, these pests received their name in reference to the plagues of ancient Egypt. If an insect is formidable enough to torment great rulers, one can imagine the problems it could cause today’s homeowners. Also, they’re a special problem for people in northern climates.

The nature of the ant is also revealed by its name, evoking images of hot and dry climates. The ants certainly prefer warmth when they can find it. The further north an ant colony lives, the more likely it is the ants will decide a private residence is a far more inviting area than the outdoors. This is an issue for many pests, but the pharaoh ant brings some specific risks to the table.

The dangers of the pharaoh ant

The pharaoh ant has particular species quirks that make it more threatening. The ants are in many ways the safecracker of the insect world. Few buildings can keep them out. They’ve even managed to fully infest advanced biological research facilities, and those locations have high-tech protections to keep small, mobile, biological threats contained.

An infestation starts out as being simply bothersome. Obviously, nobody wants ants in their home or office. But bother can change to actual risk pretty quickly. The pharaoh ant carries about a dozen serious diseases, including salmonella and staphylococcus.

One pharaoh ant quirk can prove to be both dangerous and their downfall: their love of snacks. If food is left out in the open (e.g. a bowl of chips); it is an irresistible draw for these ants. Imagine the risk involved with a disease-carrying small insect walking all over a snack shared by people in an office or home. It’s not an appetizing thought. However, if the ants are munching on a counter or table they’ll eventually create long, visible trails of worker ants, making the infestation more identifiable. This clue is quite valuable, given that pharaoh ants have unusual nesting habits which render them well hidden.

Treating this dangerous opponent

If you find pharaoh ants in your home or workplace it’s vital to take action. While some pests can be handled by the average home or business owner, pharaoh ants aren’t among them. They’re insecticide-resistant, which necessitates calling in professional pest control services to control and eradicate them.

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