During the joyous season we might be busy preparing meals, decorating, sending cards, socializing — and handling unexpected guests. Unfortunately, this holiday those guests may not be of the human variety. When the weather gets cold, rats, ants, cockroaches, and other unwelcome visitors may seek shelter in your home. Let’s take a look at what pests you might expect and how to deal with them.


A common home invader in North America, rats can cause a lot of property damage by chewing on almost everything. Aside from that, their urine and droppings can harbour serious illnesses such as salmonella, hantavirus, and other infection. Have your home inspected for holes and cracks that rats may use as an entrance. Seal food containers properly and remove stacks of newspapers and magazines that may be enticing for rats to use for nests.


Holiday decorations are usually left untouched until needed. Spiders often will make a home in cardboard storage boxes that sit undisturbed in the basement, shed, or garage. Spiders can also be found in shoes, closets, crawl spaces, garages, and other parts of the home. These places are sometimes overlooked when housecleaning. Clean these areas at least once a month to remove webs.


Ants forage for food. They come in large numbers and can be difficult to remove with “home remedies.” Unlike rats, ants don’t usually cause major structural damage but they can be intrusive once they’ve accessed your food storage. Store your food in plastic bins, mason jars, and other hard-to-access containers. If your kitchen becomes overrun by ants, contact a professional pest control company.


Squirrels and raccoons are resourceful animals and excellent climbers. They often find entry into homes through chimneys and attics. The best way to keep them out is to close any existing cracks and openings in your structure. Special covers for chimney flues can also be installed.

Critters may not be as active in the winter but don’t let down your guard. They could already be in your house, without your knowing. Mr. Pest Control is at the ready to help with any pest problems you have: call us at 1-888-794-PEST (7378) for professional pest control services.

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