Raccoons originally inhabited the deciduous and mixed forests. However, its remarkable adaptability has allowed it to thrive in various habitats, from mountainous regions to large cities. They can sneak into attics and make nests in chimneys, posing challenges for homeowners dealing with raccoon removal in Barrie. With each season, they bring unique challenges, like spring nesting and winter hibernation-seeking warmth indoors. Successfully managing raccoon infestations means understanding their behaviours and adapting strategies to the seasons.

Understanding Raccoon Behaviour

Understanding raccoon behavior is key to effective prevention and control.

The English word “raccoon” originates from the Algonquian language of the Powhatan confederacy, a group of Indigenous tribes in the Virginia area during British colonization. The Algonquian words “aroughcun” and “aroughcoune” translate to “one that rubs, scrubs, and scratches with its hands.”

Raccoons demonstrate varied behaviours throughout the year, responding to seasonal changes and environmental cues. Each season influences their activities and interactions with human habitats in Barrie. Understanding these patterns is essential for effectively managing and preventing raccoon issues year-round.

  • Spring

During spring, raccoons seek out nesting sites in warm, sheltered areas like attics and chimneys. This is a crucial time for homeowners to inspect and secure potential entry points to prevent infestations.

  • Summer

In the summer, raccoons focus on foraging for food, often targeting accessible garbage bins and outdoor pet food left unsecured. Proper trash management and securing food sources are crucial to minimizing raccoon encounters.

  • Fall

As fall approaches, raccoons prepare for winter by seeking insulated spaces such as attics and crawl spaces to hibernate. Homeowners should ensure these areas are sealed to deter raccoons from making winter dens on their property.

  • Winter

During winter in Barrie, raccoons may seek warmth indoors, potentially leading to increased incidents of intrusion into homes. While raccoons don’t hibernate, they can stay in their dens for weeks at a time.

Season Tips to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Property All Year Round

Keep raccoons out of your property year-round

Effectively managing raccoon infestations

requires a proactive approach that adapts to the challenges posed by each season. Whether dealing with nesting behaviours in spring or intrusion attempts in winter, implementing strategic measures throughout the year is crucial. By understanding and addressing seasonal patterns, homeowners can safeguard their properties against raccoon invasions and minimize potential damage and nuisances.


As spring arrives, raccoons actively search for cozy nesting spots, often targeting attics and chimneys. Implementing these proactive measures during this season is crucial to preventing raccoon infestations and safeguarding your property.

  • Conduct early inspections to identify and seal potential entry points, such as roofline gaps and vents. This helps prevent raccoons from accessing your home and setting up nests.
  • Trim overhanging tree branches and vegetation near your home to minimize access points for raccoons seeking entry. Keeping these areas clear reduces the likelihood of raccoons accessing your property.
  • Secure garbage bins with tight-fitting lids to prevent raccoons from easily accessing food sources. Limiting access to food helps deter raccoons from frequenting your property.
  • Remove outdoor pet food promptly and clean up fallen fruits to reduce the attraction for raccoons. Eliminating potential food sources discourages raccoons from lingering around your home


During the summer, raccoons become more active in seeking food and shelter. To keep raccoons away from your property, it’s essential to minimize accessible food sources and secure potential shelters they might find appealing.

  • Secure Trash Bins

Use tight-fitting lids on garbage bins to prevent raccoons from accessing food. Properly secured trash reduces the likelihood of raccoons frequenting your property.

  • Store Pet Food Indoors

Keep pet food indoors to avoid attracting raccoons. Outdoor pet food can be a major draw for hungry raccoons looking for an easy meal.

  • Clean Outdoor Eating Areas Regularly

Clean areas where you eat outdoors regularly to remove food remnants that might attract raccoons. Keeping these areas free of food scraps reduces the chances of raccoon visits.

  • Remove Fallen Fruits

Pick up any fallen fruits from your yard promptly. Fallen fruits can be an attractive food source for raccoons, encouraging them to return to your property.


As fall approaches, raccoons prepare for the colder months by seeking warm, sheltered spaces to nest. Implementing effective measures during this season is crucial to preventing raccoons from making your property their winter home.

  • Inspect Chimneys and Vents

Check chimneys, attic vents, and other potential entry points for signs of raccoon activity. Blocking these entry points prevents raccoons from accessing your home to build nests.

  • Seal Attics and Crawl Spaces

Ensure attics and crawl spaces are securely sealed to stop raccoons from finding refuge indoors. Properly sealing these areas helps keep raccoons out during the colder months.

  • Remove Outdoor Nesting Materials

Clear away leaves, branches, and other outdoor materials that raccoons might use to build their nests. Removing these materials makes your property less attractive to raccoons looking for nesting sites.

  • Install Chimney Caps and Vent Covers

Use chimney caps and vent covers to block raccoon entry. These barriers effectively prevent raccoons from entering your home through these common access points.


In winter, raccoons seek warmth and may try to enter homes through gaps in foundations or poorly sealed vents. Effective winter-specific measures are essential to prevent these animals from staying indoors during the colder months.

  • Seal Crawl Spaces and Basement Openings

Close any gaps and openings in crawl spaces and basements to prevent raccoons from finding shelter indoors. Properly sealed areas help keep your home raccoon-free during the winter.

  • Install Chimney Caps

Use chimney caps to block raccoons from entering your home through the chimney. These caps are effective barriers that stop raccoons from seeking warmth inside your chimney.

  • Cover Attic Vents with Mesh Screens

Install mesh screens over attic vents to prevent raccoons from accessing your attic. These screens allow ventilation while keeping raccoons out, ensuring they can’t make nests inside.

  • Check and Repair Foundation Cracks

Inspect your home’s foundation for any cracks or gaps and repair them promptly. Sealing these entry points helps prevent raccoons from entering and finding warmth in your home.

Year-Round Tip: Proper Trash Management

Proper trash management is a crucial, year-round strategy for preventing raccoon infestations in Barrie. By consistently securing and disposing of waste, you can minimize the attraction for raccoons and keep them away from your property.

  • Use Raccoon-Proof Trash Bins

Invest in trash bins with secure, tight-fitting lids that are raccoon-proof. These bins prevent raccoons from accessing food waste, reducing the likelihood they will frequent your property.

  • Regular Garbage Disposal

Maintain a consistent schedule for disposing of garbage to avoid lingering odors. Regular disposal minimizes the attraction of food waste to hungry raccoons looking for an easy meal.

  • Secure Recycling Bins

Ensure recycling bins are also secured with tight-fitting lids to prevent raccoon access. Raccoons are opportunistic and will rummage through any accessible containers for food remnants.

  • Clean Trash Bins Regularly

Regularly clean your trash bins to remove food residue and odors that can attract raccoons. A clean bin is less likely to draw the attention of these curious animals.

  • Avoid Leaving Trash Outside Overnight

Refrain from leaving trash bags or bins outside overnight, as this is when raccoons are most active. Instead, place them out for collection in the morning to minimize exposure and reduce raccoon visits.

Why Hire a Professional for Raccoon Removal in Barrie

While DIY efforts can sometimes manage raccoon issues, hiring a professional for raccoon removal in Barrie provides significant benefits. Professionals bring specialized knowledge, safety, and compliance with local regulations, ensuring effective and humane raccoon removal.

  • Expertise and Experience

Professionals have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with raccoon behaviors and habits specific to Barrie. Their expertise ensures efficient and humane removal methods tailored to the local environment.

  • Safety

Raccoon removal experts use appropriate techniques and equipment to protect humans and raccoons from harm. This prioritization of safety minimizes the risk of injuries and disease transmission during removal.

  • Legal Compliance

Professionals are well-versed in local regulations and permit requirements, ensuring that all removal activities comply with legal standards. This compliance prevents potential legal issues and ensures humane treatment of the animals.

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