Bed bugs are annoying, disgusting and creepy pests. You even hate them more because of the fact that they bug you when you’re asleep. But why are they even existing and why in your bed? Will they even be eliminated totally? Basically, tidiness is a very crucial factor why love bugs stay in your home especially on your bed. If the surrounding is dusty and full of germs, the tendency is for these bugs to stay and make it their own haven. But then, cleaning your home is not enough to totally get rid of the pests. As you can see, they easily multiply and when they do multiply, it will be difficult to stop unless you hire a professional bug controller to eliminate them totally. You should also mow your lawn because love bugs’ larvae grow in thatch. You should also trim your grasses or just totally uproot it to avoid love bugs from having a comfortable place to multiply.

There are home solutions to get rid of these not so lovely love bugs. One of which is the help from insecticide or insect sprays. You will find different types of it in stores but you should choose that which specializes in killing the love bugs. Blowing them away with a fan or you can use a vacuum to suck these bugs.

Another way to do it is to use mosquito candles. You may not be able to smell the smoke but these bugs are totally irritated by the smoke and eventually gets weak and dies. This candles may take longer time to kill the bugs and it also needs to be placed in a closed door space to avoid the air from intervening the circulation of the smoke coming from the mosquito candles.

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